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Dr.Sanuele Bacchiocchi dead at age 70!

I'm 15 months behind hearing this!

                    SAMUELE BACCHIOCCHI DEAD AT AGE 70!

I was sure behind the times on this news. Dr.Samuele Bacchiocchi,
the PhD scholar of the Seventh Day Adventist church, died in
December 2008! I have only just now (March 31st 2010) found that
Dr.Sam as he liked to be called, was probably the greatest
"Sabbath Scholar" in the last 2,000 years. He got his PhD with
his book "From Sabbath to Sunday." He wrote 3 other books on the
Sabbath question. I have all 4 of his book on that topic. Through
his ministry and Sabbath books, he was probably the greatest
influence for people around the world accepting the 7th day
Sabbath, since the first century Apostolic Church of God.
Then he caused quite a shaking in the SDA church with his
acceptance of the Festivals of God as listed in Leviticus 23, and
his two volume set of books on the subject.
His book "Women in the Church - A Biblical Study of the Role of
Women in the Church" is also a classic study. I will upload that
book one day to my Website.
Altogether Dr.Sam wrote about 18 books on various subject, some
parts of some of his books I would disagree with. Some I would
totally disagree with in their conclusion. One was on the topic
of Matthew 12:40 - the 3 days and 3 nights of Jesus being in the
grave. That book of his I answer on this Website under the study
"Matthew 12:40." The last section about observing the Sabbath in
the far North or arctic region is good and logical. I have
reproduced parts of that under the studies on the Sabbath.

I first personally met Dr.Sam in the early 1980s in Oshawa,
Ontario, where I was living at the time, which is also the
Canadian Headquarters of the SDA church. He was giving his
Seminar on "The Sabbath Question." I talked to him for a few
minutes after his Seminar. I did admire him for his OPPOSITION on
issues that the SDA church basically teach and observe, like
observing Christmas, and doctors and nurses (which the SDA have
hundreds of around the world, if not thousands) getting paid for
work on the Sabbath.

Because of his stand against certain SDA teachings and his
agreement that God's festivals of Leviticus 23 should be observed
(and because of his two books on the subject many SDA people are
now observing them), he was shunned and disapproved of by a large
segment of the SDA ministry, some thinking he should have barred
from being a SDA minister. Yet, he was not put out of their
ministry, and remained a faithful SDA member all of his life.

I did correspond with him a few times since those early years of
the 1980s, but had not contacted him for the last 4 or 5 years,
and had not visited his Website etc. hence I'm 15 months behind
finding out he had died in December of 2008.

It is a shock to me, for I kinda maybe assumed he would live well
into his 80s or 90s. One of those people you think will live on
and on to very old age. I do not consider 70 to be old today, but
when you are nearly 68 as I am, I guess I'm getting up there, but
at the present I'm feeling still more like 48 than 68. None of us
know how long is given to us, so better make the most of it while
we have physical life.
Dr.Sam died of that terrible decease that we still have a long
way to go to eradicate from this world - cancer!

April 1st 2010

Sadly, this is not an April Fools joke, for those reading this
that still do not know Dr.Sam (Bacchiocchi) has died.

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