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Ann Counter in Calgary

Christians in this World


                         CHRISTIANS IN THIS WORLD

March 25th 2010, the right wing Conservative (well that's what
they say she is - I've never read anything she's written, so have
no idea where she stands) Ann Coulter was given a positive
greetings by the 900 or so who paid to hear her talk in Calgary
this evening.
There were 300 or so outside demonstrating against her. But it
was as she said "I knew Calgary would be open to hear me speak."
The local news did give the few seconds of the part of her talk
when she jokingly said, "Thank you, I'm slowly putting forth that
from Calgary to the West coast, should be the 51st State of the

The larger Canadian media having been giving a "boo" to the
University of Ottawa for "shutting her down" and not allowing
"freedom of speech" - the main media guys and gals have said
Canada, well the Ottawa University students, need to grow up and
Universities are supposed to be for freedom of speech and debate,
up to a point, drawing the line at such things as "getting out
guns and killing this or that society of people." I take it that
Ann Coulter does not go around with that language foaming out of
her mouth. But as she is said to be "conservative" I take it she
is probably against "same sex marriage" "abortion on demand" and
other things that "conservatives" are usually against. In today's
climate if you teach homosexuality/lesbianism is a sin or the
Roman Catholic church is the Whore Babylon of the book of
Revelation, you're probably going to be called "a hate teacher."
If you teach "abortion on demand is murder" your going to be
called a "bigot" or "taking away the right of freedom from

Well that's enough on Ann Coulter.

Our Western world societies are mixed up and certainly few are
trying to live by the Bible. Our nations have various differences
among their peoples on this issue and that issue; people get
worked up in emotional lather over this or that, even to the
point of uttering threats, smashing up a Senator's office, or
other violence threatened or real.

It was the same in Jesus' day brethren, various Jewish "sects"
had issues with the Romans over this or over that, just being
under the Roman Government per se was enough for some to form
groups to destroy what they considered evil. Oh the Romans did
evil at times, but they were very tolerant with the Jews, they
allowed them to freely worship, keep their Temple, priesthood,
sacrificial system, and follow the Old Covenant as given under
Moses. All the Romans asked for was that the Jews be good law
abiding people, go about their work and religion, be happy they
can have freedom to work and practice their faith, and do not
take up arms to try and get their way by killing.
Jesus did not enter all that "secular" "political" strife,
neither did he teach His disciples to get into a lather over
Government laws and issues. He did not teach getting so involved
with such things that your ready to take up arms. There would
always be enough carnal people opposed to this law or that law of
any Government, to have sufficient violence to keep the violent
motions flaming up.

Jesus taught His disciples they were to be ABOVE that mind-set
and dangerous life of getting to close to the world and its ways,
with the attitude of revenge, "I think this is wrong, and I'm
going to be violent against those I perceive to be wrong, seeing
it is the only way to perhaps reverse the wrong to the right."
And with maybe as many believing what this person perceives as
wrong they perceive as right, and so they may take up violence and
arms to protect what to them is right. And so internal violence
or even national violence ending in civil wars has often been the

Jesus taught Christians cannot be a part of this world, getting
into its politics, its fractions and disagreements to the point
of violence. Jesus taught we are to love our enemies, pray for
them that misuse us, do good to those you figure are doing evil
to you. Jesus and the rest of the New Testament teaches that
Christians are IN the world but not a PART of the world. We are
strangers wandering through this world, looking for a better world 
to come.
We are to be general law abiding citizens of the nation we live
in, obeying the laws of the land UNLESS they are in direct
opposition to God's law; an example would be that you are
required to work at your secular job on the Sabbath. God's law
must come first, then you cannot obey man's law, but you also
will submit to man's penalty for breaking man's law. The only
other way is to FLEE to the hills and live away from the world at
large, which many had to do during the so-called "dark ages."

Taking up arms or any violence against a law of the land, in other
words going on the war path, CANNOT BE FOUND in the teachings of
Christ. And if that law does not contradict any specific law of
the Lord, example: The "highway speed laws" on any given stretch
of highway, instituted by the State or Federal Governments is put
in place for the betterment of the overall population. They have
tried to be fair to everyone for the benefit of everyone. Some
"truckers" would like to see the speed limit faster to get their
jobs done faster. Some elderly drivers would like to see the speed
limit lower to suit them. The law tries to be reasonable with
both groups. So there must be give and take. In the overall
through experience, the speed limit laws are generally fair. The
overall of it all, is taken into account, and as the saying goes,
"You can please some of the people some of the time, but you
cannot please all of the people all of the time."

If that is the law of the land as concerning driving on the
highway, then such laws do not violate any law of God, hence
Christians are obliged to follow them.

Seat belts - buckling up - is now a law in most countries. Over a
long period of time it has been proven that wearing a seat belt
SAVES more lives than not wearing a seat belt. So the overall
benefit is the law becoming a law that all are supposed to obey.
Such a law can have some people against that law, they may say it
infringes on their person rights and freedoms. But the Government
has made a choice based upon stats over many years. For the
overall benefit of lives and health care, seat-belt wearing
becomes law. That law is not against ANY direct law of God. The
clear teachings of the NT is that we obey the laws of man, as
long as they do not have us breaking the laws of God.

And so it is right now with the new "health bill" in the USA.
Okay there was no national referendum - no national vote on the
matter, but I do not know of a national vote on the law of seat-
belt wearing either. Neither do I know of a national vote on the
speed limits on highways. They are put there by the decision of
people we elect to lead us into the laws that will benefit most
in the long run.
Even if laws come into being for "same sex marriage" that perhaps
with a national vote most would say NO to it, the teachings of
Christ would not allow us who are opposed to it, claiming it is
sin, to try to repeal this law with violence and the gun.

We as the people of God are to live a quiet and peaceable life,
as Paul said, as much as lies possible with you. Deliberate hate
and violence, be it threats of words, smashing up offices, or
taking the run, to show your disagreement, IS NOT, AND SHOULD
Brethren, we are to be the light of truth, peace, kindness,
patience, self-control, love towards everyone, and good law-
abiding citizens, when those laws do not directly go against any
law of God. 

The new "health law" bill in the USA does not oppose any law of
God. If it establishes itself as the law of the land, then it
should be obeyed just as national seat-belt laws (which I hope
are national in the USA), and just as a national law against
"cell-phoning" and "texting" while driving will surely one day be
a national law as much as the wearing of seat belts, and some
will be upset about having to give that up, cell-phoning and
texting while driving.

Be good citizens friends, put aside your personal thoughts, I've
found in the long run of Government laws that are not in any opposition 
to laws of God, many (not all) do work out for the better of the
overall population of our lands. Yes, God says our leaders are mad
and our prophets profane, but that is a "general" statement, and it
is in the context of being so because our leaders have thrown God
and the Bible out of the window, and do not teach the nation to
live by His every word. But they are not mad and profane on everything,
The speed limits on highways and seat-belt laws are basically correct
and good for the overall of the nation's people. Certainly as God's
people we are to obey the laws of the land when they do not conflict
with any law of God.

We are pilgrims on this earth looking for a better home, whose
builder and maker is God. Till then be a good respectable citizen, 
as the apostle Paul was inspired to tell us, as a good soldier
of Jesus Christ, we do not get entailed in the affairs of this 
life (2 Timothy 2:4 and context). As a Christian we already belong to an
army, the army of Christ, who in this age are good citizens - be a light 
that shines in a dark place, so people can see what a true Christian is 
really all about.

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