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Some in USA going Bonkers!

Over new "health reform" bill!


Well I just got through trying to show that the people of Canada
and the USA are not that much different from each other, when I'm
abruptly shown .... YES, in one respect we are different!

Today, March 24th 2010, many in the USA have gone "bonkers with
violence" over the new "health reform bill" just signed by
President Obama. Now that bill or reform, is a long way from the
Government National Health we enjoy here in Canada. I would hate
to think how many would react to a more Canadian "health bill" -
if this one gets them in such a flap that now includes violence
mingled with racism and political threats, that some Senators
must have body-guard protection.

Then it reminds me of how the USA was born and developed as a
nation. It was born in violence, English fighting English, then
fighting among themselves, fighting the Indians, the slave trade,
then their civil war. Not that Canada did not have its fighting
troubles, but that was here and there, and no huge civil war, or
slave age society, and by and large the Indians (or "first-
nations" people as they are called today in Canada) were treated
with kindness and respect, and so they treated the "white man"
the same way, in the overall of it all, certainly not the same
violent history that the USA had with the Indians.

National Health came into Canada, not without opposition, but
when it came and was law, you did not have violence and threats
against its "statesmen."

So in that one respect we do have a difference here in Canada
from the USA - we tend not to get into violence when we "loose
the cause" that we may support. We've had our share of crazy nuts
like serial killers and "I'm taking down as many as I can with
me" mass killers.

Sadly, the USA has this segment of "violence" in its make-up that
still seems to manifest itself from time to time. They perpetrate
it every evening on Prime-time TV with raw violent shows and
Hollywood movies that showcase raw, in your face blood and guts.
Are you aware of, what do they call it ... "ultimate fighting" or
something like that, where it seems there is nothing off limits
as to how you can beat-up your opponent - it is selling out every
seat in the house. Canada has tried to keep it out of its cities,
but it's only a matter of time before it comes here in the real
life raw so-called entertainment world of "sport." And sad to say
it will pack them in, sell every seat, for base human nature is
not really any different here in Canada than from what it is in
the USA.

Canada has not yet sunk to the low of threatening or doing
violence to its politicians, (but for a few incidents in its
history), so maybe that is one reason why the world looks upon
Canada as "the nice guy" and hence if your Canadian in any other
nation of the world, you are generally given respect and looked
upon with favor. So in that internal view of making changes to
our laws of the land, I guess Canada is different from that of
the USA.

Then if God was really a part of our Governments, laws, and life,
it would all be different in so many ways. One day it will be,
but for now it is YOU the individual reading this, that YOU must
be the light on a hill that cannot be hid, the candle that shines
in a dark world, that even loves those who hate YOU for what you
stand on - the Word of God!

Ann Coulter to speak in Calgary. Yes, it will go ahead, in fact
the original location could hold only 400, the ticket demand here
in Calgary has reached 900, so the location has been moved.
Coulter was shut down from protesters in the University of Ottawa
(Canada's capital city), but apparently the University here
(which is not the sponsor) says freedom of speech is the right of
any person, even if they are blunt on issues and you do not
I'm not sure when she is to speak .... oh, no I will not be
trying to buy a ticket.

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