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Roman Catholic Sex Scandals

Deception and Demons


The Pope has of March 20th 2010 issued a letter deploring the
Ireland sex scandal  over 4 decades, with its Bishop cover-ups.
He has admitted the "church" has done great sins and evil, and
says from now on its priests will have face God and the police.

Other sex scandals by its priesthood have been found in Germany,
Holland and other Europe nations. It has been found in Canada and
the USA.

As this very troublesome sin rises from being pushed under the
rug, covered over, kept secret, it amazes me how this church
organization can still have over a BILLION members worldwide. 

With the recorded history of the deaths of other Christians at
the hands of the Roman Catholic church or with their blessing or
without taking a stand against it (remember they apologized to
the Jews for not taking a stronger stand against Hitler during
the Second World War), but such is the depth of Satan and demonic
forces. Most Roman Catholic members would be deeply offended and
some would never want to speak to you again (and some would even
want to do you bodily harm) if you told them you thought their
Roman Catholic church was the work of the Devil.

The "old" Protestant Bible Commentaries pulled no punched when it
came to telling you who was the Babylon of Revelation, and the
power drunk with the blood of the saints; they openly wrote (and
those Bible Commentaries are still available to buy, I have some
of them in my personal library) that it was the Papacy of Rome.

The movie "Angels and Demons" with Tom Hanks of the last year or
so, though showing you some of the inside workings of the Papacy
(and worth getting for that reason alone), ends up putting the RC
church in good light, and still claiming the apostle Peter was
the first Pope.

Despite the RC church being full of sin and evil for centuries,
it continues to grow and deceive over one billion people - I
shake my head, but that is the fact of history, and that is the
fact of the depths of Satanic influence. There are of course
other "religions" that are just as deceptive as that from Rome,
that hold millions in the power of delusion, and sin.

And we yet will face deception at the end time greater than its
ever been, so great in fact, Jesus said that IF it was possible
even the very elect would be deceived (Mat.24:24).

Where are you? If you want the truth of God, what His word really
says, you will need to hunger and thirst after righteousness
(Mat.5); you will need to love the truth (2 Thes.2); you will
have to search the Scriptures (Acts 17); take time to read and
study the Bible from cover to cover; take sometimes hours to
study a subject. I've tried to bring you on this Website ALL (and
more) of the MOST important subject for salvation, but it is
still up to you to prove all things and to hold fast to that
which is good (1 Thes.5:21).

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