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Canada/USA History you probably were never Taught!

A final HUGE battle before peace!



The final episode of this part of history from "Canada - A
People's History" by the CBC of Canada.

In the summer of 1814 a mass execution sends an unmistakable
message to the population of "upper" Canada. 8 men convicted of
treason for aiding the American forces, are hanged at Burlington

Since the beginning of the war dozens of "upper" Canadians have
turned traitor. But the most notorious of them all is still at
large. Joseph Wilcox has come a long way since serving his prison
term for liable. At the outbreak of the war he was re-elected to
the "upper" Canada Assembly and became leader of the un-official
opposition. But in the summer of 1813 Wilcox crosses the line
from dissent to treason. He begins passing on military
information to the American commanders. He writes:

"I now beg leave to lay before you the facts which most
materially effect the plan for the subjection of this Province.
The enemies force now at Burlington is certainly upwards of 1,200
regular troops, and in addition there are at York 1,000 regulars.
But I do not hesitate to say that so soon as the British are
driven from amongst us, I shall, with the assistance of my
friends render this Province independent of British influence."

Wilcox is still a member of the Assembly of "upper" Canada when
he becomes a "corporal" in the American army. Within 6 weeks he
has raised 130 Canadian volunteers to fight for the enemy. For a
year the Canadian turn-coats have waged a terror along the
Niagara frontier. They even burn the village of Newark, whose
people voted Wilcox into the Assembly. Now in the summer of 1814
Wilcox and his men commit the final act of treachery, they march
with an American invasion force in one last push to capture
"upper" Canada.

Emily Ryers is just 16 when the invaders overrun her family's
She writes:

"When I looked up I saw the hillside and fields as far as the eye
could reach covered with American soldiers. My mother new
instinctively what they were going to do. She entreated the
commanding officer to spare her property and said she was a widow
with a young family. He answered her civilly and respectfully,
but said that his orders were to burn. Very soon we saw a column
of dark smoke arise from every building, and what at early morn
had been a prosperous homestead, at noon there remained only
smoldering ruins."

(I have to stop here and comment. It has to be demonic influence
that makes men burn down innocent people's farms and homesteads.
It is surely bastardly, and just near as low as you can get
[killing the innocent would be the lowest] to take so called war-
action on the innocent people and their property - Keith Hunt)

The American invasion force doesn't get much further than the
Ryers' homestead.

At a place called "Lundsy Lane" in earshot of Niagara Falls,
3,500 British and Canadian troops are waiting for them. Here
among the grave-markers of a pioneer cemetery they will fight the
BLOODIEST battle of the war.

When night falls there is an informal cease-fire. Both sides call
in re-enforcements. Canadian Henry Rutten waits in the British
lines. He writes:

"It was yet so dark it prevented us from distinguishing our men
from the enemy. We could plainly see a line forming in our front
and hear every order given."

Now, 5,000 men face each other in a cemetery in some places less
than 100 feet apart. One militia man describes the shower of
musket balls like a sweeping hail storm.
In the confusion it is impossible to tell friend from foe, and
both sides kill their own men by mistake.

In the darkness the two armies clash as one soldier recalled with
a desperation bordering on MADNESS!!

(Surely it was madness, not just bordering on madness. Such
battles have got to be insane - truly demonic inspired, along
with man having a way that seems right to him, but the ways
thereof are the ways of death - Keith Hunt)

Around midnight fearing the battle is lost, the Canadian turn-
coats retreat - Joseph Wilcox escapes but dies in battle 6 weeks
later. At dawn the next morning the British and Canadians are
left holding the field. Both armies have suffered TERRIBLE

"Oh, that the King and President were both here this moment to
see the injury their quarrels lead to. Surely they would never go
to war without a cause that they could give as a reason to God at
the last day, for thus destroying the creatures that He has made
in His own image." A soldier's wife.

(Truly, truly, so correct from the lips of this lady. How God
must weep to see His creation so killing and smashing themselves
apart amongst each other in wars that should never have been -
Keith Hunt)

The Canadian units are among the hardest hit, in one regiment 1
in every 3 Canadians that fought at Lundsy Lane was killed or wounded.

Canadian defenders pay a terrible price but they have turned back
the last major American invasion.

A "peace treaty" will not be signed until Christmas day 1814, but
Canada will never again be attacked!

When the last Canadian veterans of the war gathered for a
photograph in 1861, Canada was on the verge of NATIONHOOD! Old
men now, they had fought and watched comrades die, to secure and
define the borders of that nation.

The war that was supposed to assimilate the people of Canada has
achieved precisely the opposite. In its determination not to be
American, Canada has drawn closer to Britain than ever, and seen
a glimmer of its own identity.

What a disgusting two years of fighting between brother peoples.
What disgusting leadership on BOTH sides - demonic influenced
leaders bent on selfishness, Britain on the high seas towards
American ships and seamen then Americans attacking a land and
people that only wanted to settle farms and homesteads. This is
just a little history of killing and pillage - no wonder that God
tells us in His prophetic Word that our leaders are MAD and our
prophets PROFANE!!

What madness was the famous or infamous "American civil war."

We have seen in the middle of the 20th century the evil of the
Vietnam war - see Wikipedia on that war.

We have seem in this first decade of the 21st century more
madness from the two "B" boys - Bush and Blair - who sent our
people to war over "absolute proven facts" that the enemy had
"weapons of mass destruction" when all the space-age tech
equipment we have was proved to be so WRONG when so-called facts
hit the real facts, and the truth of the matter was made crystal
clear. But will those "B" boys ever admit they were wrong? Not on
your life, they will go to their graves saying it was the right
thing to do.

Such wars have only proved that there is a way that seems right
unto men but the ends thereof are the ways of death (Proverbs

God speed the time when our people will come to DEEP REPENTANCE
and will let the Spirit of God fill their hearts and minds, in
that day, in that age to come, then we really shall trust in God,
and we shall be what the Eternal chose us to be - what He wanted
us to be - a LIGHT to all nations of the earth (Deut.4:1-14).

Keith Hunt

March 2010

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