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Jet-Plane lands on Hudson River

The Movie "Defiance"


                         AND THE MOVIE "DEFIANCE"

January 16th 2009. What a nice change to have as the lead item on
the National News the story of "The Miracle on the Hudson" that
took place yesterday. A commercial plane with a total 154
passengers and crew, had to land on the Hudson River at New York,
because its engines shut down after hitting Canada Geese. The
near 60 year old veteran pilot, had to make the decision to ditch
the plane in the Hudson River, shortly after take-off. Pilot
"Sully" as he is known did a perfect textbook landing on the
Hudson River, and every single person got off that plane alive!
Truly wonderful to have hero news taking the main story.

Another list of companies was announced today, a list of
companies to have no choice but to lay people off work - tens of
thousands to join the unemployed.

Citi and American bank giants having more trouble upon trouble.
More millions having to be dished out to try and bail them out
from total collapse.

The movie "Defiance" came out to the big screen today. I went to
see it in the early afternoon.

War, any war, is horrible, gruesome, revolting, repulsive,
hideous, detestable, and painfully appalling. Yet the courage and
the spirit to overcome and defy death, can be unbelievable within
the horrible context of "war." 

The movie "Defiance" is indeed a true life movie that is the
miracle of what took place in a forest in Europe during the
Second World War. I have to wonder why this real happening was
not made into a movie until now. It is the sad tale of the
brutality of war, but also the true story of people who said they
would live, even if it meant in the forests of the hills and

At the time of the end, during the last 42 months of this age,
God's people are going to have to flee once more to the hills,
the valleys, the forests, to find safety from the Europe Babylon
Beast power that will rule the Western world. They will be
protected by the mighty arm of the Lord, for when the Satanic
influenced Beast power sends its armies out to devour the people
of God, the Eternal will use the earth to open its mouth and
consume the armies of evil (Revelation 12:13-16).   
It will be the time of miracles again for some of God's people!
We take courage in this fact as this age races along to the
finishing line.


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