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CERN Collider!

Matter and Anti-matter Science!

                          CERN PARTICLE COLLIDER!

I went and bought the movie "Angels and Demons" - I did see it in
the theater when it first came out. It is a good fast moving
drama with Tom Hanks. It gives some interesting history and
inside look at the Vatican. You probably have to see it 3 or 4
times to catch all that it presents. It is sad that it ends up
kinda "glorifying" the Roman Catholic church, and has the
nonsense about the apostle Peter being the first Pope. The movie
is also about the modern science of "matter and anti-matter."

Part of the "special features" on the DVD is a look at the CERN
European "particle collider." It is a 27 kilometre pipe tunnel
built about 300 feet down. It takes particles and smashes them
together at 99 percent the speed of light (which is 186,000 miles
a second).
It produces anti-matter, well that's what the scientists call it.
And they say it brings us within 1/10 of a billionth of a second
after the "big bag" and creation. The scientists say that all
that is out there in the universe we only presently know about 4
The "collider" has a life span they say of 15-20 years.

Now at present the science guys are saying that this matter and
anti-matter is like sitting on the sandy beach and digging a
hole; the sand you dig out is put to one side, so it is still
50/50. But they say there is NO anti-matter found in the
universe. The anti-matter is like the mirror of matter, but they
cannot find any anti-matter in the universe. So they are
wondering where it all went. Some call this anti-matter the "God
factor." Anti-matter has to be kept away from matter or they blow
each other apart. Hence for us to be here there cannot be anti-
matter out there. Yet they can produce anti-matter, so they are

The Cern "collider" makes anti-matter, and they had to make the
collider so no anti-mater would touch matter. What they create in
the collider is extracted with their other space-age "tech"
things so they can examine, or do this or that with.
Now if just a gram of anti-matter and matter collided the
explosive result would be about 3 Hiroshima bombs. The anti-
matter produced by the collider over about ten years is 1/10 of a
billionth of a gram - about enough to light a light-bulb for 3
minutes, so no danger of blowing away the earth.

So the science fellows say if at the big bang creation there was
a 50/50 matter and anti-matter, then where did all the anti-
matter go to, as there is none out there? And so the science
people say anti-matter carries the mystery of our existence. Of
course if they are correct about this matter/anti-matter, then
putting God into the pie, makes the answer simple; God just said
anti-matter "be gone" and it was gone!

Anti-matter is useful they said, as it can look inside us without
us going inside. It can find "tumours" inside us. And they are
looking at the very real possibility that we can have a "ray-gun"
to blow away tumours, and do other things inside us without us
going in and also having to destroy things around what we are
going in to fix.

The CERN fellows/gals are "particle physicists" and they were
part of the very first to produce a "inter-web-system." The first
institutions to use it were all European Institute labs. Others
were also working on such "hook-ups" around 1990. But CERN in
1993 said that such a "web" should be ONE, and freely open to
everyone in the world at no charge. Hence we have no "Micro-Soft
WWW" or no "Apple WWW" - we just have ONE Worldwideweb - free to
everyone. And so CERN says the WWW was the invention of "their
spirit" for the CERN collider is open to all and everyone. They
have 2,500 working there from dozens of countries. They have days
when the public can tour through, so they have this "open to all"
policy spirit.

Tom Hanks on this "special" part put it this way, "We shall
probably think in time to come, it was everything BEFORE the
collider and everything AFTER the collider."

Kinda like it is now with the WWW. Everything before the
Worldwideweb and everything after the Worldwideweb.

Interesting, time will tell what they can find through this
particle collider machine. What man can invent, truly we are the
handi-work of God; maybe those scientists will yet collider into
the God-factor and realize He does indeed exist and what we have
all around us is His work of creation.

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