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Prophecy of 2012?

Some are on the "bandwagon" Again!

                          END OF THE WORLD 2012?

I went to see the movie "2012" when it came out not that long
ago. It was a good one, with special effects, and so it was
"entertaining" per se. I'll probably buy the movie when it comes
out on DVD. I did not realize when I went to see it that the year
2012 is based upon some old "prophecy" of someone or some people,
I've forgotten who now.

So, sure enough, some "fundament prophet" has written a book on
"will the world come to an end in 2012?" He'll no doubt make some
good money on it to put in his bank account, from "fundamental"
Christians who'll buy it.

On "youtube" you've got some spouting out that 2011 or 2012 will
be the start of the "great tribulation" or "the rapture" of the
church, or something along those lines.

Well let me be just as BLUNT, all those guys and gals, all those
who are on the band wagon of 2011 and/or 2012, DO NOT KNOW WHAT
THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!  They are "nutty-fruit-cakes" that know
peanuts about Bible Prophecy. The GREAT TRIBULATION will NOT come
in 2011 or 2012. The Great Tribulation will be started by the
Beast Babylon/Holy Roman Empire of Europe, and that power has got
some way to go before it can start to rule the world, or part of
it (it actually will never rule the entire world)!

Mark it down, mark I've told you, and see who is correct by the
end of 2012, the nutty prophets out there or me. It will not be
the former!

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