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Canada Climate Change!

USA close to New "health bill"!

                           CANADA CLIMATE CHANGE


Where ever you live, you may have your own take on your climate
change. As for Canada, it has been announced that March 2010 is
the warmest on record. The average temperature has been 4 C.
degrees above normal across Canada. We have had, taking it on the
average, less snow that ever, in other words scatter all the snow
for Canada in the winter of 2009/10 across Canada, and it is less
than any other winter on record.
Those who have lived long in Canada, say over the last 50 years
(and I'm included) will tell you that the winters since about
1975 have changed drastically, and it is still changing, to the
warmer that is. I guess with the North Pole melting as it is,
that should be of no surprise.

Well the USA is perhaps only days away from a "new" health bill,
that will cover 31 million un-insured people in that country.
Probably most of the people in Canada and all the other
industrialized nations of the West, kinda wonder what all the
fuss is about over the "health" regulations that are proposed. It
seems many in the USA kinda want to be different than the rest of
the West, they like I guess being the "odd man out" and seem to
resent any meddling with the "status quo" on "health management."
And the argument that one of our Province Governors chose to go
to the USA for his surgery just last month, proves the USA is
superior in "health management" so leave it alone, was shot down
on Canadian TV by the simple answer that the USA does have
"specialists" on certain illnesses that are the best in the world
on that particular illness. I mean it's like this: When I was
working in Florida from 1990 to 1994 as an Orthopedic Shoemaker,
this one USA man came into the business I worked for and asked if
I could make shoes like he was wearing (the man who made his
shoes had died). I said yes I can. He told me he had looked all
over the USA for someone like me and could not find that person.
I was a Canadian working in the USA. Now perhaps he could have
found me (in some way) when I was working in Canada, and he would
have come to Canada to get what "special" skill I had.

It's time to move on USA, time to get the "health bill" that all
the rest of the nations in the West have had for many years. The
Canadian system may not be perfect, but I'll tell you this
there's about nobody up here that would change it for the present
(and maybe soon old) USA system.

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