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Racism in Canada!

It's still alive sad to say!


Tonight - March 16th 2010 - the CBC National News told Canadians
that in some parts of Canada racism is still well and strong,
still raising its ugly head. Parts of Nova Scotia have "blacks"
(I guess other parts do also) and it seems racism is often a
troublesome story in not just the "no body" in the street, but in
some parts of their police-force, fire-department. In one
neighborhood recent incident that "setting fire to a cross
outside a person's house" was back again.

For Christians, especially those who have been walking with
Christ for some years, it can be hard (well I sure hope it is
hard) to figure out why people are racist towards others, it
seems, just because they have a different color skin, or wear
different clothes than we do. I can understand to a point why a
person can dislike another person, when we have daily or "often"
contact with them, and they are "not very nice people to know"
situation. I've had a few in my present nearly 68 years of life,
to have had to work with a few like that (only a few I'm happy to
say in all those years). And those people whom I'm thinking about
were white people like me. 
There may be at times good reason to be "leery" of some people,
but that is mostly because not of their shape, size, color,
dress, but because they are inside bringing out, evil, fightings,
distrust, and just plain bad things towards others.

Growing up with the Bible from age 6 years, it was always hard
for me to understand people who just did not like other people
because of their color (wow...I'm dark skinned and haired, I
could have gotten a deep sun-tan and been as dark are some black
people). I grew up with the Bible, so I knew every human on earth
is God's creation, made in His image, and He loves every one of
us no matter our color. I knew He was a God of variety, and
certainly in the "white" world we have more variety of looks than
some of the other colored races. Jokes have been made about
"blond" people, you know the "dumb blond" jokes. But people
haven't gone on the war-path, or refusing to serve them (which
the CBC said tonight is happening in a few shops in Nova Scotia
towards blacks) because they are blond, or a red-head.

It is still disgusting to see from time to time the news clips of
the 50s or 60s in the USA and the race issue, and some of the
violence people showed to others because their skin was a
different color.

I've come to understand over the decades that much of this racial
bigotry must have to do with "demon influence." I think there
must be "demons of racism" - they specialize in getting some
people to hate the color of others for no reason that just color.
It's crazy stuff, but as there are demons who specialize in other
sins that seem to get a hold of some people, like "child
pornography" or "immoral sex," or "drugs," so there are demons
who specialize in influencing people to be racist.

I'm sure some of you people in the USA are living around racism
yet, or you are very close to it, and know of it.

For some people who are caught up in a sin that really takes hold
of them, it is only a miracle through Christ, that can free them
of it.

We long for the day when Satan and the demons will be chained up
for a whole thousand years, when God's Spirit will fill the
hearts and minds of people, when there will be no more racism.
Thy Kingdom come Father, thy will be done on earth as it is in

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