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Great True Life Movies

Try to find and see them!

                              MOVIES TO SEE!

It's been a while since I gave you some good movies to see, so
here they are.

* THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES - Fox movies - 2008 - Queen Latifah and
Dakota Fanning. A fictitious story but based upon research of
lives in the south USA in 1964, among the "richer" blacks. As it
says on the front cover "enchanting, heartwarming." And it's more
than that!



* JULIE AND JULIA - Columbia Pictures - 2009 - Meryl Streep and
Amy Adams do a terrific job. Funny, entertaining, inspiring, and
it's all true.

* WITHOUT LIMITS - Warner Bros. - 1998 - about Steve Prefontaine
inspiring life on and off the long-distance track.

* A CRY IN THE DARK - Warner Bros. - came out about 1988 - Meryl
Streep and Sam Neill at their best. It is a "hair-raising,
absorbing drama" of the bigotry against their religion, and the
scattershot forensic evidence taken as fact. Accused of killing
their young child on a camping trip. They know the truth, but
people will not believe until ......

* SUMMER OF 61 - sometimes just named "61" - HBO films - 2001 - a
Billy Cystal film about the great Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris
in the Baseball season of 1961. One is on course to be the first
to beat Babe Ruth's benchmark of 60 home runs.

* GERONIMO - Columbia Pictures - 1993 - the American Indian
legend, his name would never be forgotten - Jason Patric, Robert
Duvall, Gene Hackman, Wes Studi and a young Matt Damon.

* ZULU - MGM - 1964 - Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins, Michael Caine.
Truly an unbelievable, thrilling, heroic movie of true facts of
the British red-coats against the many more Zulu's on the war

* KING ARTHUR - Touchstone Pictures - 2005 - a certain historic
take that some figure, on the rise of King Arthur. (I personally
do not agree with them). Lots of action as to be expected,
staring Clive Owen as Arthur.

* THE GREAT DEBATERS - an  Alliance Film - 2007 - Denzel
Washington. Powerful and inspiring. As it say on the cover, you
will stand up and cheer. It's in the "College Debating"
competitions, and some "black" history you've probably never been
taught. Yes, you need to see this movie.

*  SWIMMING UP STREAM - MGM - Crusader Entertainment - 2003 - an
inspiring story - a gripping tale of emotional triumph - a
father's drunken abuse and his two son's ability to make the
Olympic swimming team.

* CRY OF THE PENGUINS - Bentwood Home Video - 2005 - distributed
by - a young biologist (male) intent on
impressing another young biology student (female) decides to take
an assignment in the wilderness of Antarctica to study a colony
of penguins. While pursuing the young woman, an unexpected
transformation occurs - he becomes genuinely interested in the
plight of the penguins. His love and concern for the animals
ultimately help him gain new insight which changes his
perspective on life.

* THE FINAL SEASON - Sony Pictures - 2008 - In small town Norway,
Iowa, the high school baseball team has won 19 State
Championships, but huge blows are dealt out that makes the threat
of a 20th championship win look impossible.

* STONE OF DESTINY - Infinity Pictures - 2008 - In 1296, the
pride of Scotland was stolen. In 1950,  four university students
set out to steal it back - the Coronation Stone that is.


That is it for now, in my collection of true life movies. Will
tell you about more as they come out and I collect them.

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