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Earthquakes and Christ's Coming!

Still look at Europe and ....

                      THE MIGHTY EARTHQUAKES OF LATE!

We have certainly had some MIGHTY POWERFUL earthquakes of ...
well this year so far.

Soooooo...... SOME will be proclaiming from the housetops that
"Jesus' coming will be soon ... the prophecies are increasing
.... earthquakes .... all over, big ones! Jesus will come soon!"

Weeelll, sorry to be a spoiler of the party, but .... tonight
(March 2010) on Canadian National news we had the FACTS! Last
year we had 160 earthquakes around the world with more than 6.0
on the scale. This year so far we've had 44 above 6.0 on the
scale. They posed the question about "mighty" earthquakes to the
guys and gals that keep the stats. The reply .... not that
unusual so far, even with the Haiti and Chile quakes!

I've told you many times on this Website, there is MUCH that yet
needs to transpire in Europe, as she will be the mighty Beast
Power and Babylon Mystery Religion that will be the final 7th
resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. Nope Jesus ain't coming
tomorrow folks, even with massive earthquakes in Haiti and Chile!

And, remember, those people in those two countries still need
your dollars to help them rebuild and even to just get enough
food and water to survive from day to day - so keep helping out
as you can for them, we are indeed our brothers keeper!

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