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Chile - 8.8 Earthquake!!

The birth of the "Bloom Box"


March 1st 2010. A few days ago the country of Chile recorded an
8.8 earthquake - the greatest in modern history. To put it in
perspective it was 1,000 times - yes ONE thousand times greater
that the earthquake in Haiti. The lives lost so far over 300 -
the destruction massively huge. The houses and buildings are much
better built in Chile than Haiti, hence there will be no where
near the deaths as in Haiti, no comparison at all. Chile may be
able to handle things without outside aid.

Mongolia has had a disastrous winter, not much has been reported
about it, but a large population there still live in tens made
from animal hides. Aid from organizations like the Red Cross is
being sent to help them survive one of the worst winters in the
last number of decades.

Madeira - an island belonging to Portugal has had devastating
floods - 40 plus people killed, many houses and roads just swept

Nato forces come under fire for their air-strike that kills 21
civilians. And 12 civilians killed not long before that, as the
USA and Nato try to force the Taliban out of that part of
The Taliban will move out, yes, but only to return to fight
another day.

Israel now has "flying drone" planes; can stay up in the air for a
day and travel as far as the Gulf; they can fly at the height of 40
thousand feet.

Pres.Obama put into motion a five year plan to clean-up the USA
Great Lakes, and stop the invasion of Asian "carp" fish which
would obliterate the fish in the Great Lakes, they are like
monster-eating fish, eat other fish as like no tomorrow.

On the program "60 Minutes" they introduced us to the next space-
age power saving unit - the "Bloom Box" as they call it. It was
invented by a scientist from India; a thin sand plate about 4 x 4
inches, coated with .... well that is a secret. You stack one on
top of the other like slices of bread (but way thinner). Stack
them about 4 inches high, and that's enough to power a Europe
house; two stacks for a North American house. They figure it will
replace the "grid" - eventually. Some big name Companies like
Walmark, Goodle, Fedex, Ebay, have them, on a few stores etc.,
been trying them for a year or so, and they do work. Yes, it's
all been kept secret from us, but now with that 60 Minute program
it's out in the open ..... here we come to the beginning of the
real space-age technology that will in the next 20 years, re-
shape the way we live; with electric or sola powered cars, solar
and "bloom box" technology for homes and office buildings ...
it's about time, we have the skill, we just need the will to put
it in play ... oil and gas guys, it's time to move over and get
out of the way; though we'll let you stay around for a little
while longer.

To be continued from time to time

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