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Banjamin and A.D.1066

Into Europe and Britain


God had said Benjamin's seed should "ravin as a wolf'. (Genesis
49:27) Thus the wolf became their tribal banner or symbol.

Concerning the historic movements of the Tribe of Benjamin which,
with Judah, had formed the Jewish Kingdom in the Holy Land, the
historian Eusebius states that just prior to Jerusalem's
overthrow by the Roman armies in A.D. 70, multitudes of
Benjamites fled and escaped to the mountains of Moab. They then
moved into the Galatian and Cappadocian region of Asia Minor
where they stayed until A.D.267 when the Goths raided that region
of Galatia and Cappadocia in Asia Minor, carrying off many
Israelites and Christians into the region of the Danube
westwards. The Goths, who were themselves known as "Dacians",
gave their own name also to their captives, thus many of these
Benjamites became known from then onwards as "Dacians" also.

History confirms abundantly that the Normans came from Davia, and
could therefore have been of Benjamite stock. From the Norman
Dacians the Icelanders owe their origin, as also did William the
Conqueror from Normandy who entered Britain under Benjamin's
racial symbol or banner of the wolf in the year A.D.1066.

So it seems evident that at least a representative portion of the
Tribe of Benjamin, which had been only temporarily "lent" to the
Tribe of Judah (1 Kings 11:13), rejoined the other ten tribes or
Benjamin's' own brother "Joseph" in particular, as they reached
Britain in A.D.1066.


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