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USA push in Afghanistan!

Europe economy on downward slide!


                        EU ECONOMY GOING DOWN AGAIN


Friday evening February 12th. 

Well with 30 thousand more troops from the USA in Afghanistan
they are about to try and "re-take" a southern part of that
country. And with that much fire-power it seems likely they will;
the REAL test though will be from that time forward. Will the USA
be able to do what the mighty Russian empire could not do, defeat
the Taliban on a long term bases, and when I say long term, I
mean forever. Sorry, but no such thing is going to happen, the
Taliban have lived in those hills for decades, they are skilled
at moving on, hiding out, coming back. I tell you that after the
USA and others have pulled out of Afghanistan, with a declared
win, the Taliban will be back, they are like Arnold out in
California saying "I'll be back!"

History was made today as 49 States got "measurable" snow - only
Hawaii escaped the snow. This winter of 2009/10 so far Washington
D.C. has more snow that snowy Buffalo, that is in a snow-bet

The mighty EU is in trouble again. Germany had zero economic
growth the last quarter of 2009. France only 0.6 growth. Some are
saying Europe would be in for a "double dip recession" as they
call it, if it looks like your on the way up when you again dip.

The Europe Power will eventually be the Beast/Babylon of the book
of Revelation. It will be the power to START the THIRD world war.
All fully explained to you in many prophecy studies and the book
of Revelation, on this Website. But you see God is in charge; He
can hold back this power and the end of this age .... well for as
long as He likes. These silly people on the Internet and Youtube,
who set dates that Jesus will come in such and such a year, of
this decade, or that the Great Tribulation will start in 2011
(yes some claim it) are trying to tell God what and when He
should do things. He LAUGHS at them! No one will tell Him when
the end of this age will come. Maybe all these nutty prophets out
there with get egg on their face, maybe they will finally stop their
date setting; yet don't hold your breath on it, for it seems
there will always be more nutty prophets coming after them. We
had those people back in the 1980s (many saying then that that
was the decade to see Jesus return). Oh, would you believe old
Hal Linsay (one of those 1980 prophets) is on Youtube, still
going at it I guess along with his Protestant fundamental prophet
friends. I call them funny-mentals, they would be funny if they
were not so inept at understanding Bible prophecy.
Well right now God is holding back the Europe power, and so He is
also with the USA, which still has 10 percent unemployed.

Haiti - one month on .... still a MASSIVE problem of course; now
the concern is sanitation. I guess so! The USA has helped to the
tune of 1/2 a Billion dollars and counting, probably another half
billion from other nations in total. But a huge task, huge task
lies ahead to rebuild that nation.

The URO fast train fellows, the trains that go from Britain to
France and back, say they will pump millions of dollars into
making sure they do not repeat what disaster they had in December
of 2009, when the snow blew them off the track (not literally) and had
them at a dead stop, to the night-more for a few days of the
passengers stranded on board. As they say hind-sight is better
than foresight; I guess they must have thought it would never
snow again, when they built that system that could not handle

They had snow in ROME today .... only happens once in 20 years or

Today the winter Olympics, as it opens, had a death of a young 21
year old, as he practiced for the "luge" event. Sad ... always
sad when such a thing happens, especially sad when so young. My
sporting event is horses, worked with, and broken, and rode fast
and hard over my lifetime. I've been blessed with all my hitting
the ground from a horse's back, to never have broken a bone, and
alive and well at 67. So sad to die young, no matter how such an
event happens.

Bill Clinton (once President of the USA) is out of hospital from
another heart problem. He is among 18 million USA people that
have ongoing heart problems. Modern science can keep them alive
today, when in the past it was "lights out." 
The men who have been President in the last 20 years or so, have
you noticed how "aged" they become after being President. Of
course the job is mighty stressful, so it takes its toll. Bill
Clinton is 63 but looks ancient. They say he cannot sit still,
must be on the move all the time, perhaps he gets little sleep
also, which will take your health and heart down for sure.

Well Walter Morrison has died at age 90!  Your saying "Walter
Yes, he was never famous per se in any open way. I would guess
99.99 percent of the world does not have a clue who Walter
Morrison was. Well if I tell you he was the inventor of ..... the
FRISBEE ... ah now you know the rest of the story. That little play 
thing has been around for 50 years, giving countless hours of fun 
and joy to millions all over the world. One of the cheapest entertain-
ments to come along in the last 50 years. People are still throwing the
frisbee around, and they even have "pro" frisbee players they
announced on this evenings news (some of the tricks they do with
that disc is something to behold). Good for you Walter ... well
done Mr. "frisbee" man.
I think we'll still be throwing them around in the new age to
come, and maybe for all eternity. Remember now Jesus after His
resurrection ate a physical meal just for the pleasure of it.
There will be lots of things we can still do just for the
pleasure of it, in eternity, maybe throwing the frisbee will be
one of them.

Oh, in an earlier meltdown I reported that there would be 250,000
athletes in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics of 2010. Got that
wrong, or the news station did. Well to correct it, it is 250,000
people attending. 5,500 athletes. Of course, except on the
Sabbath day, I will enjoy watching the events. Always like to see
the skill that people have in their chosen sport, win or not. And
from someone who does not like snow or cold (anything below 70 F
is too cold for me) that is saying something. But it's the effort
and practice of a skill that counts for me to still enjoy
watching, some sports more than others, but we all our have


To be continued from time to time

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