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Remember Haiti

Iran in Prophecy


                        PLIGHT OF HAITI STILL GREAT

February 9th 2010. Iran went one step further to becoming the
latest country with Atomic weapons. Despite the outcry from the
West, it will be so that Iran eventually has the A bomb. Even so,
there is no need to be concerned Iran will NOT start a World war,
neither will that country attack the State of Israel. Iran will
not enter Bible prophecy until the very end of this age, until
Revelation 16 comes to pass. Iran will no doubt be part of the
"kings of the East" (verse 12) that come from the east of the
Euphrates river, to gather at Megeddo, and unite with the "beast
man" who is head of a 10 nation confederacy (Rev.17:12-14). They
all as one army will now have one enemy coming in the clouds of
heaven. They will probably believe they are being invaded from
outer-space. Satan and the demons will have so deceived them all,
they will not know the enemy they gather to fight against, is
Jesus Christ (the Lamb of God), the angels and the saints now
resurrected or if alive, changed (1 Cor.15) to immortality.

Iran is therefore nothing to be alarmed over. Iran has no
significant part in end time prophecy, any more than South
America, Korea, Vietnam, or most of the African Continent has.

Mrs.Obama is to lead up a movement to combat the huge rise in
"fat" USA kids, not the goat type kids but the children kids of
the USA (same type of kids in Canada also). She and her
organization is to promote healthy eating, less TV and PC screen
viewing, and more exercise. Yes, they should distribute the old
Charles Atlas course of "Health and Strength" - maybe get
Governor Arnold ... from California to take off his shirt and
flex his muscles. Some individuals are buying buses and
converting them into "Farm to Family" healthy eating grocery
stores on wheels. 

The latest research out is saying children under the age of two
should have no TV screen (or PC) to view PERIOD!  Then over the
age of two, very little right up to going to grade one school.
Now they admit there could be exceptions after the age of two,
but before age two, they say it should be ZERO screen watching of
any kind. Children under age two should be viewing only their
parents or child care people, interacting with them not a screen.
They have done much research over many years, and the
"scientists" are dogmatic on NO screen watching for children
under two years of age.

The G7 nations have decided to FORGIVE the Haitian debt. I guess
so under the disaster from the earthquake. Now it is 230,000 dead
and they expect it to rise even more in the next month or so. 

The Mid-west and Eastern part of the USA and Canada have been hit
with what they are saying is the second worst snow storm (maybe
yet the worst) in recorded history since records have been kept,
for that part of North America. The snow fall measured in "feet"
not inches.


We need to remember (Canada was shown the other night how the
special Canadian outfit is doing) the organizations like "Doctors
Without Borders" are doing a mighty serving work in Haiti. It is
wonderful to see those dedicated people at work among the sick
and injured in Haiti. Truly inspiring and heart-warming. Then at
the same time, the huge task they have to do is massive still. We
need to not stop giving as we can to such charity organizations.
It was announced on Canadian TV news tonight that Canadians have
given 113 MILLION dollars so far, which will be matched dollar
for dollar by the Canadian Government - so from Canada it is now
226 million dollars to Haiti. Wow - that is terrific; yes it is
true Canada has come through the recession the best nation in the
West, and so the Canadian people have be able to give per
chapiter so much more than other nations hit more severely by the

Unbelievable but one man has been pulled ALIVE from the rubble of
Haiti after FOUR WEEKS! Yes, skin and bones, but ALIVE! That has
got to be some MIRACLE. The spirit of the Haitian people ... what
a lesson for the rest of us.

The rainy season for Haiti comes in mid-March, MUCH has got to be
done to prepare the people for that rain; maybe some prayers
would help, that it does not rain as it usually does. So keep
those people in your thoughts and prayers for sure, and if you
can give another dollar to the service groups still battling away
mend the lives and land of that nation. Just think how much money
it would amount to if a "quarter" for each man, woman, and child,
was sent
to those charities for say this one month of February alone. For
Canada with a population of 32 million .... well four quarters to
the dollar that is 8 MILLION dollars, just one quarter per
How about putting in a jar, a "quarter" every WEEK for every
member of your immediate family.

My oh my some "famous" person should get on national TV and
suggest that - one quarter per person each week, put in a jar in
every household in North America, to donate to the cause of
Haiti. And while they are at it, they can ask the multi-million-
aires to put a thousand dollars a week in the jar for Haiti.

And folks this has to continue for at least a few years. Okay
enjoy the skill of the athletes at the winter Olympics, I know I
will, but during that time, still remember the sick, the injured,
the dirt poor in Haiti, they are your brothers and sisters and
children of the human family - God loves them, and Jesus said do
unto others as you would want them to do unto you.


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