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The Three Big Ones concerned!

Iran with powerful Rocket!

                         THREE BIG ONES CONCERNED

President Obama is going to pour trillions more over next number
of years into "stimulus" package to get USA people back to work.
Talk of some fancy "rail system" around the USA, which will
create jobs. Arnold ... California Governor is pleased to hear
it. One news report stated Obama has done what Pres. Reagan did
in early 80s ... after a year in office throw lots of money into
getting the economy wheels moving.

The USA has lost 8.4 million, yes million, jobs in this
Now that is some hill to climb over and make disappear. Somehow I
do not think it's going to happen any time soon, unless Pres.
Obama along with a rail system, is going to make a bike system, a
roller-blade system, a canal system, maybe a housing system so
not one person has to live on the streets, and some other systems
that could create jobs.

The "recording stars" are said to do another "We Are the World"
to raise money for Haiti disaster. Okay ... good intentions, but
I hope they do it again next year and the year after, as it will
be needed for the next number of years to get Haiti built right
this time around. We have in Canada this fast food chain called
"Tim Horton's" (he was once a famous hockey player, way back) and
they have changed their plastic "throw in your dimes and
quarters" to put kids in "summer camps" to "Donations to Haiti."
As Tim Horton's are across Canada, that alone should raise
millions in the next year, if they keep it that way for a year
that is.

Somalia is now the "pirate ship" capital of the world. It started
out by ships coming into their waters and fishing the waters dry
and dumping gook or whatever. They hit back by pirating, then
they soon discovered that raiding fishing ships was not where the
"bucks" were - hence the pirates turned to the big cargo ships.

Iraq ... violent and "we'll blow you up" mentality is moving on
with not much slowdown, if any.

Iran sends up a rocket with little "creatures" aboard, as to make
out it's "science" - but now this rocket is capable of putting a
satellite into orbit. So .... the world worries.

The winter Olympics is about to happen for Vancouver and Canada.
They are having to ship in snow, even Russia is saying it will
send some snow if asked. Vancouver is having the warmest winter
in many a year. The El Nino is said to be in those Vancouver sea
waters. So don't be surprised to see the spectators to some of
the outdoor events standing on snowless ground. Then if they had
decided to have held the outdoor events two hours north of Van.
they could have had 9 feet of snow to slide on and down. You go

Yes, it is official, the THREE big ones, USA, EU, China, are
concerned about their troubled waters of world recession, and how
it is still effecting them. Boy .... they ain't seen nothing yet
as to what the end times will throw up at them. We're still
riding the crest of the wave in comparison as to what is still
ahead for this world, sometime down the road, if it does not do a
DEEP repentance towards the God of this universe. Bible prophecy
is still marching on.


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