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World Economics

The West down - East on rise

                             THE WORLD ECONOMY

Ford motor company posted a 2.7 Billion profit. Down 10 percent
from before the recession, but that I find is still remarkable,
only down 10 percent. I guess they're doing something right.

President Obama - State of the Union Address - well if he didn't
know before (which of course he had to) the USA people are still
out of work - jobs, jobs, and more jobs are needed NOW, or should
I say YESTERDAY. I thought the billions going into the "stimulus
package" was supposed to do that over the last year. Where then
did all the money go? I mean this has got to be crazy mun, crazy
mun, as the Jamacians would say it, or as the Aussies would put
it, "Well where did all the money go mate; let's take a walk
about, and you tell me."
People in the USA are getting cynical ..... Wow! I guess so! Wake
up President or you will be "O'boming out" - yes pun intended.

Europe unemployment not any better than the USA. Spain is 40
percent unemployed in the youth sector of the country.

Japan is doing down into dip-pression, yet unemployed is down to
5.1 percent.

China's car making industry is booming!

India is recovering from recession, they are trying to cool down
the in-flation.

Vancouver, Canada is hosting the Winter Olympics, and it is
having the warmest winter on record, but with modern tech stuff
they figure they can keep the white stuff around.

From just off the coast of New Foundland goes this missile, the
photo shows it is just like a missile, no July 4th fireworks for
sure, the photo is that clear. As of now nobody wants to admit
who sent it up and for what reason.

Looks like the USA "Health Reform" bill will not make it, and it
will be back to the drawing board. If it does die, it may not be
resurrected for a long time.

Tony Blair the one time Prime Minister of Britain was answering
the British Inquiry into making war with Iraq. If anyone was
expecting him to say it may have been a mistake, they got their
ears full that he does not think so. Blair and Bush, the two BB
gun guys, will go to their graves proclaiming it was correct that
the USA and Britain invade Iraq. They are the two BB brothers,
one from the tribe of Ephriam and the other from the tribe of
Manasseh. They made a deal with themselves and with each other,
that they would NEVER admit it was a judgment error to invade

The latest on Afghanistan is that they are offering money to the
enemy to lay down their arms. If you can't beat them ... well
okay you can't joint them, but maybe money can get them to stop
firing their guns and laying roadside bombs and killing
themselves and otherS in suicide blow-ups, with MONEY AND JOBS!

Oh and yes, a news item in Canada was the authorities are busy
tearing down "pot growing farms" but then they admit for every
one that is destroyed five more come up, for every one arrested,
10 more take their place. They likened it to the days of the
prohibition of alcohol; the more you try to stamp it out the more
it goes on. You'd think they would learn from history and just
legalize it like tobacco and alcohol. Tara Chapman proves on her
Website it is no worse than the latter two, and could be as
healthy as alcohol in moderation. You could stop the war on "pot"
and put that money into fighting the real harmful drugs, that
really do capture and destroy the body and mind.


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