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More on ... The Book of Eli

Has a number of truths in it

                    OKAY ... MORE ON "THE BOOK OF ELI"

I only mentioned the new movie with a few short sentences in the

So okay, yes it is a "religious" movie. A little surprise that
Hollywood would produce something like this; maybe the producers
are "Bible" religious. 

It does have a "twist" at the end that your not expecting. The
bottom line is the movie does have an overall truth that the
Bible is the answer. Yet it also shows the truth that the Bible
has been used and so people know (the bad guys) that they can
rule others through a wrong (and a cult way) use of the Bible.

If your not watching and listening carefully you'll miss some of
what I've said above about the movie. I actually went a second
time to see it, and listened more carefully and got more out of
the movie the second time around.

In a way it does show the truth that the world will just about,
one day, come close to killing all human life. The Bible will
become the focal point of humanity. The Bible says Jesus will
return, the movie does not come close to that point. And with
Jesus' return as King of kings, He will rule all people with the

Oh yes, if you go to see the movie (pretty violent in spots)
watch for the Bible to be put up on a shelf at the end, and note
what translation it is.
Most of your modern translations of the New Testament are taken
from the corrupt Vaticanus and Sinaiticus MSS, the latter being
found in a garbage basket in a Catholic monastery - even those
Catholic monks thought it was garbage to be thrown out on the
trash pile (all fully explained in the series on "How we got the
Bible" on this Website).


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