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Haiti "Marshall Plan"

Youth with High-blood-pressure!


January 25th 2010, twenty of the world's nations met today in
Montreal to discuss how to re-build Haiti - a kind of "Marshall
Plan" is needed. But Canadian news also pointed out that the
facts on large "whoever" organizations trying to help the poor,
needy, disaster stricken, in the past decades have only delivered
about 50 percent on what was promised. Apparently the "world"
working together has been the main problem, in other words too
much "red tape" or the LACK of a "working together spirit" has
never be achieved.

There were lots of "platitudes" given today in Montreal, but the
experts says a "master group" of nations that have real power to
guide the rebuilding in Haiti will be needed, if it is going to
be successful.

Charlie the kid from Britain, wanted to raise 10 British pounds
by riding his bike around the streets. He put it on his facebook
blog .... the blog blew up a storm of givers. So far he's
received 200,000 pounds in donations, yes, not 200 but 200
thousand pounds. Some donations coming from different parts of
the world.


It was shown on Canadian news that some TV religious people have
been guilty of saying Haiti signed a pack with the Devil - some
Haitians have "voodoo" as a religion. Hence the connotation that
judgment came. 
I do not know, but the context of such statements (they showed a
clip of one guy) could have been taken out of context.
The simple truth of the matter is that Haiti is on a major fault
line; it's buildings for the most part were never built to come
close to withstanding a point 7 earthquake. The other fact is as
I mentioned in an earlier meltdown, one district of Port au
Prince is where the wealthy live, and no homes came crashing
down, they were built to withstand such mighty an earthquake. 
Then if we want to look at "sin" per se, false religion, to no
religion, there's plenty of that in the USA and Canada. 
Judgment will come on all nations of the world one day in the
last 42 months of this age and when Jesus comes as a warring
King. But this disaster in Haiti has way way more evidence of a
natural disaster waiting to happen, because of the unwise ways of
humans building in wrong ways on a major fault line of the earth,
than some "judgment."


The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation today announced the
latest proven facts ... Canadian people in their 20s and 30s have
more "high-blood-pressure" than ever before. It is up by 73
percent over a decade ago. The trouble, well we've known it for
at least a decade; not enough good exercise, wrong diet and
eating habits, and smoking. Now the "experts" say we need about 1
hour of pretty good exercise A DAY and better eating, of course
quitting smoking, to get our blood pressure down.
I doubt if the USA people would come out any better than the
Canadians on this issue.


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