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The Sick "music" of Today

Lady Gaga all the rage!


I do not listen to the radio much at all. I do not follow modern
music. I know just about nothing that is out there for so-called
"music." I do know enough that 95% of modern music is SICK,
PERVERTED, and the same beat and sound one after another. When I
go to the movies some of the pre-show stuff .... well I know what
most modern music is like, same sound one after the other,
shouting and screaming, singing words that are often hard to
understand, maybe that is a good thing. Seems like a lot of the
new bands and singers are in PAIN, emotionally, mentally, maybe

Well, until last evening I'd never heard of this new gal called
"Lady Gaga" - they had a segment on her on ABC 20/20 - Barbara
Walters interviewing her. They were showing some of her
performances. It seems, new to me also, there is this new "shock
art" culture out there now. Lady Gaga is CERTAINLY in that

Twenty or so years ago you had the "shock art" stuff with some of
the "rock" bands; they would not only shout and scream with
blasting over-amplified guitars and drums and electronic
keyboards, but some would smash up their guitars on stage. That
was the "shock art" music of 20 years ago.

Well this Lady Gaga she's got them all beat by a million miles.
You talk about perverse and sick "shock art" from very sexy
hardly no clothes on, to dripping with supposed blood over her
face and clothes.

And this Gaga gal has been selling millions of CDs, getting big
staring reviews and etc.

But such is the world. I guess I should not be surprised. They
are still, perhaps more than ever, producing sick horror movies,
vampire movies. And of course sexuality, immorality, fornication,
adultery, is all over the movies, and what I call the sick-coms
on TV.

Jesus did say that before He comes again, evil would abound. It
is indeed. Abortion on demand is still going strong. We are still
killing off many of our younger people in wars that were looked
upon as "holy wars" by the leaders that sent our young people
there, to vanquish the foe, but who bit by bit are vanquishing

Now it seems we will have no doubt a wave of perverted music
entertainment that will make the "smashing of guitars by rock
bands" seem like an afternoon picnic in comparison.

On 20/20 last night was the facts of "teen sexual harassment" -
the "expert" gal said that 1 in 3 working teens are sexually
harassed in one way or another. It is happening in places like
McDonalds, Starbucks, Taco Bell. It's managers taking advantage
of the situation, together with loose morals of the world, some
fear of pressure, and .... well 1 in 3 teens (girls we're talking
about) are under some form of sexual harassment. So far the three
big ones above have no real indepth and strict training programs
that teach sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Shame on them
I say.

20/20 had this hard to believe segment on "Small Smiles" Dental
clinics and the like in the USA. These clinics serve the lower
income bracket of families. You have children screaming in pain,
tied down with straight-jacket like gear. You have children
getting teeth filled, root-canals, and crowns, some 4 or 5 and
more all at the same time. It was a night-mare just to watch this
segment. Parents told they could not come near, music turned up
so the screams of children would not be heard. It was
unbelievable as to what these children had to endure in some of
these clinics. There was false billing going on to the various
Government departments. Sometimes filling were done where no
fillings were needed. 
Just one more "health/dental corruption" going on in some places
in the USA.
As the saying goes, "Only in the USA."

The USA and Canada had last evening, their "Famous people/Singers
Telethon" to raise money for Haiti. And the one hour show in
Canada did raise at least 20 Million dollars. Not sure what the
USA raised. The Canadian people have been extremely generous in
their giving to Haiti. The Canadian Red Cross alone has raised 40
million dollars.
So okay the Telethons do indeed raise money. I guess some people
need such "star studded" people to get together and raise money.
I find that fact a shame in the sense that certainly this Haiti
tribulation has not been done behind closed doors. Surely every
person above the first graders in school, have heard about the
terrible mess the Haitian people are in, and they do need the
rest of the world to help them, which, praise to God, the rest of
the world is doing.

Well then the people of Canada gave another 20 million dollars as
they watched their "famous" people put on a one hour drive. A few
of those people that partook have enough money that they could
probably have given 20 million dollars themselves. So also some
of the stars in the USA Telethon. And MAYBE some of those multi-
millionaires have given some millions of dollars just from their
own bank account. I would hope that is true, but they never seem
to proclaim it. Wouldn't that be different, if one of those
multi-millionaire stars came on a Telethon and said he/she had
given 5 million dollars to Haiti and he/she hoped tens of
thousands would give $5, $10, $20 to help the people in Haiti.
I know Jesus said when you give do not let or right hand know
what your left hand is doing. But when you put on a Telethon,
when I speak of the world doing its thing, from the world's way,
by the "stars" telling people even what "they all" collectively
have put in the pot from just the Telethon outreach (so no
individual is marked out) separate from the "average population"
they are trying to reach, well maybe that would get even more
people to give a little more.

Really the bottom line is, people should know to give what they
can, for the help that the Haitian people need, so I have mixed
feelings on Telethons right now for Haiti. I can see Telethons
needed one, two, three, years from now, because the Haiti problem
of re-building is going to be around for many years to come.


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