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The "Good ol' days"

It's under your nose!


Did you read the previous meltdown? 

You think it is bad today in North America and Europe during this
still recession. No, it ain't bad at all in comparison - in
comparison to say before the 1950s and going back for many

The "good ol' days" was not the decades before the 1950s. I mean
you had TWO world wars and a decade of the "deep depression"
within a 50 year period.
In the USA you had mainly man induced separation of the whites
from the blacks; Martin Luther King's dream was still a dream,
which he lost his life over. You had the crazy and obscene KKK
hooded guys burning and killing blacks and their homes.

And before all that, for a few centuries in fact, you had a good
chunk of the world practicing the "slave-trade" business, in one
horrible form or another. You talk about out and out DEMONIC
influence latching on to far too many, especially many so-called
"educated" people in Governments, and "high-society" - the rich
and powerful.

Then Before all that you had for a prophesied 1260 years of a
Holy Roman Empire that persecuted and killed other Christians
that did not agree with the powerful Roman religion. You talk
about DEMONIC power in the world of "Christian religion" and
"secular governments" ruled by those successive Holy Roman

The "good ol' days did not really exist until after 1950. Now
sure there has been troubles for the USA and the rest of the
Western world from 1950 till today. But looking at the BIG
picture of the past 2,000 years, you are relatively living right
NOW in the good ol' days. Yes, the USA is still in huge recession
trouble, but compare what it was like in this Western world
before the 1950s and there really is no comparison.

So when you may feel a little down by the way some things are
today, just think back to how it was before the 1950s. If you
were born after the 1950s then just do a little history research
like I've briefly done above; just think how it is for the
average Haitian person and child in Haiti right now, in this year
of 2010.

Lift up your heads, ye of the Western world, lift up your heads
that may be hanging down.  YOU in most nations of the world today,
though some troubles and hardships come for some, ARE LIVING in
"the good ol' days."

Enjoy it while you can, for as Jesus said the night will come
when no one can work; when evil shall abound; when a time of
trouble will come on this earth as never before or never will be
again. So enjoy this moment; use this moment in  history to
search the Word of God, to find His truths, to partake in what
way you can, to enjoy the freedom you have and help proclaim the
good news of God's salvation and coming Kingdom on earth, through
His Son Christ Jesus.

NOW, is the good ol' days!


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