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One Week after Haiti Quake

Obama's downward slide!

                            THE LATEST IN HAITI

                        OBAMA SLIDES IN POPULARITY

                            CHINA RUMBLES ALONG


The USA is sending another 4,000 persons to Haiti, making the
total about 16,000.

The huge USA "hospital ship" arrived at Haiti this January 20th
2010. That's the ship with 4,000 beds and as high-tech as
anything can be.

This same day a huge plane from Montreal, with supplies, doctors
and nurses and two "cooks" - yes all these people helping in
Haiti need to be fed, cooks are needed. The pilots and crew and
all aboard as volunteers. So it is of course for many other
people from countries of the world.

The Canadian troops are opening up another airport. The airport
at Port au Prince is having 180 flights landing each day. Another
airport is badly needed.

One whole week since the big quake, some are being pulled out of
the rubble still alive! And babies are being born in this time of
destruction, they were showing both the above events on the TV

A UK Royal Navy ship is on its way, with supplies of every kind.

The Haiti country still in need of medicine, doctors, medical
specialists, nurses. So if you are one of the mentioned maybe you
can spare a few weeks or longer to go and help. The Haiti people
will love you, that is for sure!

"Doctors Without Borders" are saying the USA is not managing the
supplies at the airport well enough - not getting what they need
that is piled up at the airport. But with everything as it is - a
complete mess - how do you navigate in a smashed up jungle of
concrete and two million people.

People in various countries around the world are wanting by the
thousands to "adopt" an Haitian child. Canada alone in one day
received 25,000 calls from people ready and willing to adopt.

Part of the problem in getting food, water, medicine etc. to the
people is that "fuel" for the trucks is often not available. The
world is pouring in with aid of every sort, but it takes time to
get it there and move it out. 


One year of his administration, and all the "Obama Fanfare" has
disappeared. The seat left by the death of Senator Kennedy in
Mass. he held for nearly 40 years, fell today to an unknown
I've said before and I'll say it again, the problems with the USA
are too large for any man of ANY party to solve. Obama is finding
out that his rally call of "America needs a change" is no where
as easy to bring in the "good ol' days" of prosperity, and
wealth, as he and the USA people would like to have. People are
still loosing their jobs; people are still loosing their homes;
people are still getting laid off work; far too many are
unemployed. The nation is still in a mess and a recession.

Can Obama rebound? Well maybe IF the USA can climb out of
recession. What can the Democrats and Republicans do about it? At
the present it seems NOTHING! Will God allow the USA to climb
back as it was before the recession? That question I cannot
answer. We shall just have to wait and see what the Lord allows
or does not allow. The details of end time prophecy are in His
hands, all we are given are the BIG events that will come to
pass, getting to them is in the hands of the Eternal One.

The USA pulling out of Iraq, is leading, (as I said it would some
years back) to internal fighting among its own people. And so it
will be.

Some are now saying that the USA sending more troops into
Afghanistan, will just mean a larger and more active war. The
enemy knows how to live in those mountains, and they are skilled
at hit and run, hidden roadside bombs, and suicide "blow you and
me up together" people they never seem to run short of.


China pumped 600 Billion dollars into infrastructure during the
last year of this worldwide recession. It seems to have paid off.
Their GDP is $4.91 TRILLION. Translates into a 8.7 per-cent
increase for 2009. A good chunk of that coming in the last months
of 2009. Now economists are saying that China is well on its way
to overtaking the world's second largest economy - Japan. Then it
will be on the fast track to bumping out the USA for top spot,
especially if the USA stays in its present recession. China seems
to have handled pumping money into infrastructure way better than
the USA has done.

So it will be interesting to see how 2010 plays itself out for
the USA, the EU, Japan, and China.


Interesting science lesson on CBC tonight, concerning the
earthquake fault lines around Haiti. Get your world maps out or
globe. There is a fault line running all the way down from Alaska
to way below the USA. Then there is this fault line running from
Central America out and through Haiti. Then a plate line for the
East coast of North America. The huge Atlantic above Haiti is
pushing West a ... whatever an inch per year. It's pushing North
America to that fault line running down the West coast, that does
NOT want to move anywhere. Then you have the whole South America
plate pushing UP towards Haiti. Haiti is in the middle of two
huge bullies of the world school fault lines.
The CBC scientists said, "They better RE-BUILD Haiti CORRECTLY,
because another HUGE quake WILL come to Haiti sometime in the

There it is in nice simple practical space-age knowledge of the
fault lines running around the earth - others also besides what
we've seen above.

Pray they re-build Haiti with wisdom and understanding - the
truth of the matter is there to be seen - they just need to do
what is right this time.


To be continued

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