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Moving along in Haiti

Much is yet needed to do!

                         THE MOVING ALONG IN HAITI

Tuesday 19th January. The EU power of Europe is going to give 600
Million dollars to Haiti's rescue and re-building.

The UN is to send 3 and 1/2 thousand troops and police to help
stabilize Haiti.

They say 100 Million meals with be needed in the next 30 days for
the people of Haiti.

The Canadians have and are coming from the North to serve the
area of Haiti that was the closest to the epi-center of the
earthquake. Indeed much more destruction than just Port au

Many Haitians are, rightly so, leaving Port au Prince for the
country-side north of the capital where there was little if no
damage done from the quake.

Roads are slowly getting cleared, and some of the big heavy
machines are coming in to do what must be done - clear the
destruction and bury the dead in many huge mass graves.

Disease is a large concern at the present, as much of the
sanitation has been destroyed as far as normal sewage goes.

The USA and Canada have already got water purifying machines in
place. Progress is being made to get food and water out to the
people. But it is still far from being anywhere as all would like
it to be.

Violence is basically not a problem, yet it could become so, if
some of the main problems are not overcome soon. One TV news
reporter for Canada said the people were going about everyday
life in relative order with lots of "please" and "thank you" from
the people. The average person in Haiti are good natured,
pleasant, and very appreciative of the service and love they are
being shown by the rest of the world.

Some fruits and vegetables are coming from the country-side into
Port au Prince, but that can only be for so long a time. Money in
the capital will run out, as there are no jobs; the country is
near a complete un-employment land.

They say it will be a number of months before any real serious re-
construction can begin. I'm just praying they will have the
wisdom to build in a modern space age way, to withstand other
earthquakes that may come, who knows when.


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