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Jews Split the Gaza Fight

And the World's Glaciers fast going!

                        DISAPPEARANCE OF GLACIERS 

January 4th 2009. They showed on the TV News Networks the photos
from 100 years ago, then 50 years ago, and today, of the few
small remaining Glaciers in the famous Glacier National Park of
the USA. Then they claimed by 2020 there would be NO glaciers
period in that National Park.
It is the same just about everywhere in the world. Once large and
majestic glaciers are either GONE period or on a very fast

Interesting to hear them also say, nothing has been like it since
the last ICE AGE of about 7 to 9 THOUSAND years ago. That time
frame would fit in exactly as given in the series of studies on
this Website called "Secrets of Lost Races." Man has been on this
earth for at least 10 thousand years, which blows away the
teaching that God is working on a 7 thousand year plan, which is
nowhere taught in the Bible anyway.

The earth is warming up and the disappearance of Glaciers is just
ONE proof of that very fact; the melting of the North Pole
another one.

The Jews have entered Gaza on a "divide and conquer" strategy,
which is one way indeed to beat your foe.

Afghanistan is still proving to be a war that cannot be one by
the Western forces. Hit, blow-up, kill, even your own people;
hit, blow-up, kill, and run; send in suicide people to blow up
the Western foe and even your own people, is the tactic of the 
enemy, as well as hidden road bombs. You cannot win against an 
enemy that uses such tactics against you. Now they are targeting 
for death the women who have become "police women" for the
Afghanistan Government.

Only a few weeks away now from Obama taking over the Presidency
of the USA. With Israel at war in Gaza, Afghanistan becoming more
of a problem, the world economy in the bottom of the valley, and
the USA in a deep recession, with high unemployment, skids on the
housing industry, maybe a TRILLION dollars need to try and push
up even into the first gear of the nations economy, this "fresh
blood" to the White House may have an impossible task ahead of

On a personal note, I have known I was putting on too many pounds
in the last year - weighing in today, it is 20 pounds too much. I
am 20 pounds heavier than I've ever been in my entire life. Soooo is one large diet of liquids and fruit and vegies I'm on
till 20 at least is shed. More swimming, more exercises, just got
to let my body live off that extra 20 pounds till it ain't there
no more. I will drink lots of juices, fat free Soya milk.
Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do to get back in
your range of weight for your height and bone structure - for me
that is 20 pounds less than now. As with a lot of us, the extra
weight goes on around the waist as we get be in our middle 60s where
I've reached.

I'll take my vitamins and mineral supplements as usual to
compensate for some foods I need to put to one side.

I'm in good health apart from being 20 pound over my limit - so
got to get to it, roll up the sleeves and full battle array head
to send those 20 pounds a packing out of town. will keep you
informed of the progress.


To be continued from time to time

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