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It's Mind-Blowing!

Is God to Blame?

                            IT'S MIND BLOWING!

The horror that is Haiti after this 7.0 earthquake is mind-

There's ONE MILLION orphans in Haiti. If you want to adopt an
Haitian child, there are plenty who would like to be adopted.

Many workers of "disaster" areas of the world, who have worked in
many of them, say that they have never seen anything like this.

I was watching CBS evening news and their "60 Minute" program. It
was unbelievable what conditions the doctors and nurses are
working under. And many more medically skilled people are needed,
if you'd like to go and help, if your skilled in the medical
world. 10 thousand and more USA troops will be there in the next
day or two. Plus all the other helpers from the USA. Surely
indeed it is the USA leading the charge to serve and help and
distribute food, water, and other needed essentials at this time,
for the people of Haiti.

Now, you stop and think .... 10 thousand troops and hundreds more
USA people serving there. That is just thinking about the USA.
All those people also need to have food and water, and yes they
have to go to the toilet just like you and me. I don't know about
you, but right now my mind cannot wrap itself around just this
fact alone, put into the context of Port au Prince. Then you have
all the people and troops from Canada and other nations of the
world. We sometimes, within the horror of the situation and the
thankful heart of knowing people are going there to serve and
help, we forget about the everyday logistics, like these helpers
just having to go to the bathroom for bodily functions. Then
thinking of that sanitation, you add the un-sanitation of
thousands of rotting bodies still under the stones or on the
streets. They still cannot get the quantity of large earth
moving, rock moving machines in to clear everything away.

Yes, it must be true, as some have said, that this is one of the
most disastrous natural calamities to come on this earth, when
everything is considered and taken into account. And if you think
all the destruction was in and around Port au Prince, the CBC TV
news tonight made it clear that it is the whole country of Haiti
that is under destruction, and death.

God is not involved in a direct way with the nations of this
earth. He has let them go their own way, while to some extent,
large sometimes, small other times, having His people proclaim
His word. I had not studied the last few hundred years of the
Haiti country or governments, only seen on news clips the great
poverty of its people. From what I gather from "experts" on the
Haiti country much could have been done over the last 100 years,
much good opportunity was lost by the USA, some were bad mistakes
made from the side of the USA and from various Haiti Governments.
In a modern world the Haiti Government must have known they were
sitting on a major earthquake fault line. They must have known
that a large earthquake would have devastating results. Most
experts on earthquakes knew that the buildings of Haiti were not
built to even withstand a 1.0 earthquake. The Haiti Government
must have known these facts. Yet over the past decades obviously
chose to do nothing about it. The results are what we now see. As
I've said, God is not now directly in the affairs of this earth.
He lets the physical planet do what it has done many times before
over the millenniums of time. The Eternal is not in the world's
"politics" per se (He may raise up someone like Winston
Churchill when the times need it). Oh, He is the One who has
overall control, and can step in at any time to have a direct
hand, as He did with Nebuchadnezzar as recorded in the book of
Daniel. Satan is not more powerful than the Holy One. So that is
why the Scriptures tell us, God is the One who sets up kings and
takes down kings. This truth has been very misunderstood by far
too many, who want to make out the Lord is into every political
election on the face of the earth. If that was so, then you'd
have to admit God put Hitler in power in Germany in the 1930s.
Such a thought, as Paul would often say, "God forbid!" It is NOT
In the time of Noah, God was doing the same as He is today,
letting the world and its rulers and governments, do their own
thing. It is shocking to some, but I have shown you the truth of
it in the series "Knowing the True God" - some things God has
WILLED Himself not to know. This was true in Noah's day, God had
willed Himself not to know how bad the human heart COULD become.
It got so bad by Noah's time ... "it REPENTED the Lord that He
had made man on the earth, and it GRIEVED Him at His heart"

The Lord has ALLOWED the USA and Haiti governments in the past
100 years to "do their own thing" - do what seemed right in their
eyes, either with bad judgment, or with plain out unrighteousness
and selfishness. The proverb of the Lord says, "There is a way
that seems right until man, but the ways thereof as the ways of
death" (Proverbs 14:12).

So it is wrong thinking or wicked thinking over decades of the
past that has brought on this disaster in Haiti; buildings built
on a known huge fault line, built not to withstand a 1.0 let
alone a 7.0 quake. No rebuilding or re-enforcements of large
buildings like schools and hospitals. And as is often the case in
history, it is the weak and helpless average person who suffers;
this time in Haiti it is Government heads also that have felt the
death of weak buildings. 

God is not directly taking a hand in this world; He will one day,
but that day is not yet. He also is pained at the RESULT of the
LACK of righteousness and love and unselfishness that comes from
leaders and governments of mankind.

The Lord has His people out there crying out His word, shouting
it to leaders and governments. It is like Jesus said in His day
of crying it out, "Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem; how often would I
have taken you under My wings as a hen does its chicks; BUT YOU
Because Jerusalem would not; its leaders would not; Jesus knew
the time would come when the innocent people would suffer so
The recorded history of Jerusalem's fall in 70 A.D. is horrible
to read.

I needed I thought to bring this to you, as to why such things as
in Haiti this past week, do happen in this age. 

Life must go on for the rest of us, we still have our daily
responsibilities to perform, and they must be done, but I'm some
down, just not riding on top of things will joy and light
happiness, as most of the time I am. Ain't doing any yodelling,
I'm some heavy-hearted right now, you've got to feel for others
at times, I feel for those in that small country. I pray for them
and all the wonderful workers that have gone to serve and help in
whatever way they can. I'll also pray that the countries like
Canada and the USA will do things right this time around when
they help re-build Port au Prince and many other parts of Haiti.
As one Haiti government official said, "Maybe there can be a
silver lining out of this." Maybe there can if righteousness and
un-selfishness is put on the top of the new page.


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