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More Facts on Haiti

Started out good .... but....


Saturday 16th January. As usual the news investigative program 
20/20 (yesterday evening) did a fine job on bringing us not only 
the sad facts on the disaster in Haiti, but also some historic 
facts on Haiti, also very sad.

The UN is asking for 500 Million dollars (that was yesterday,
maybe more by today). The Canadian people have been extremely
generous in helping and giving. The people have given 28 million
so far, the Can.Government matches dollar for dollar, so 56
Million so far from Canada. Remember the population is 1/10 of
their neighbor to the south - the USA. Although the recession hit
Canada, it was no where near as down as the USA, the Canadian
Financial and Banking laws had way more checks-and-balances than
the USA. So then it is perhaps natural that Canadian people could
generously open their wallets.

Canada will send 1,000 troops to Haiti, that is in line, for
their population, right in line with the USA who will send 10,000
troops within the next few days.

The "charities" of North America are bursting at the seams with
people who are giving, so the Haitian people can be helped. There
is the physical blessings of the people of Joseph - Canada part
of Ephraim and the USA being Manasseh. For the historical foot-
prints proof of that fact go to the Website:

Now many of the stations like or or CNN news,
their Internet Websites, will give you a list of proven over
time, charities you can have confidence in that use your money

If you are 18 months old or older in Haiti you have already
experienced 4 MAJOR catastrophes. Haiti is known as the "nation
of orphans" - 20/20 brought that fact out with the startling fact
of "child selling and child slavery" in Haiti - been going on for

There is an earthquake fault line that runs from Central America
across the Atlantic to just north of Haiti and then further out
into the East Atlantic. Then there is the fault line that just
slipped and brought disaster to Port au Prince.

If you mapped out all the fault-lines in the USA you would have
what you could describe as a cracked egg - cracked in MANY

Apparently the China earthquake scientists, had said two years
ago that the fault line through Port au Prince was overdue for a
grinding and slipping, the last one being over 200 years ago.

The fault line running down the Alaska, British Columbia,
California coast, is also overdue. While many if not most of the
USA and Canadian building are reinforced to withstand an
earthquake, the problem could be that the coast line would just
fall under the sea, and become part of the Pacific sea bed.

The 20/20 program in a very short space of time, their last few
minutes, gave us a brief history of Haiti in the last 200 years.
The black people of Haiti were brought there from Africa in the
days of slave trade or just the plain abomination of the relative
modern "slavery" in that case by the French. The Haitian blacks
were the first country to overthrow their captors, and become the
first black country in modern times. They did very well for
themselves for a number of decades. Coming into the 20th century
troubles began. The USA actually occupied Haiti for 20 years,
early in the 20th century. What a shame the USA during those
years did not have the leadership and fore-vision to build Haiti
as it should have been built, physically, mentally, emotionally -
well emotionally and often spiritually, the average Haitian is
blessed, they can still sing praises to the Lord even in this
disaster. But the fact is, the bottom line is, that the USA for
that 20 years occupation missed the boat.
Then you had the forever plague in Haiti of ROTTEN AND CORRUPT
Government - where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer -
and poor in trying to live on one or two dollars a day. The 20/20
program did not hold back in stating the USA was partly at fault
in "doing business" with such Government dictatorships, where two
guys (father and son) declared themselves ruler of Haiti for
The facts also are that about 10,000 - yes I said TEN thousand
charity organizations have worked and tried to serve the Haitian
people over the last number of decades. Sure some were helped,
but in the BIG scheme of things, it was like a drop in the
bucket, for greedy and corrupt Government will sap the strength
out of any good that charity organizations do. 

One fellow interviewed by 20/20 was an expert on Haiti. He said
that just about all the disasters Haiti has faced in the past 100
years was man-made - they could have been stood up against, if
humans in that land had instituted the correct physical structure
for building the modern land of Haiti.

The Ambassador in the USA for Haiti has said there may be a
silver lining in this disaster - Haiti can be re-built in a
better and  different way to not only have buildings withstand
earthquakes but where the people can have a much better quality
of life. The USA and Canada (and Britain) will have the
opportunity to do it right this time around.

We can pray our Israel nations will have the leadership to indeed
do it right, to serve and re-build Haiti, physically,
politically, emotionally, for its average person and child, that
it will be a fine example of getting it right this time around.

Although the recent movie "The Book of Eli" is rated 18A in the
USA (14A in Canada), although it has graphic violence, and is a
dark movie - shot with little color - although the "f" word is
used 5 or 6 times (which still frankly bothers me, how about you?
Though does not bother me anywhere near as much as the taking of
God's name in vain - which the movie does not do by the way), it is
a movie that does have the answer. It's only for adults or as in
Canada the age of 14 or older. It is worth seeing - the answer
for mankind.


To be continued, God willing.

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