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Time to Take Note

Is it Really that Important?

                          WHO ARE YOU UPSET WITH?

Is there someone you are upset with? Do you have a "bone to pick"
with someone? Are you "out of sorts" with this person or that
person? Are you annoyed at a friend or a relative? Maybe you are
off speaking to someone! Perhaps you have a chip on your shoulder
you need to sort out with this or that individual.

If you do, stop and think about what the problem is, and or how,
the problem situation got there in the first place.

Most of the time, the "issue" will not be that large of an issue,
especially in the context of the bigger picture of your life,
your health, your "world context" of the world you have to live

If a book was written on the things that make people "fall out
with" others, I think a lot of it would be issues that really
should not be issues to "fall out over." The issues can be as
petty as the "best car on the market" or "You came late for our
appointment" to of course disagreements on "politics" or local or
Federal Government policies, to "This is how to solve this
problem" which the other person has a much different approach to,
and so people get out of sorts with each other.

Do not think that "getting out of sorts" with someone is just in
the world and not in the Christian community. It IS in the
Christian community much more than "church goers" would like to
admit. Sometimes getting distant from someone can have to do with
"personality clashes" and I've addressed that in a full study you
can find on this Website.

If it is nothing to do with personality clashes, then I ask you
to consider the issue in the light of what has and is happening
in Haiti after this disastrous earthquake. 
If you are watching the news stations on TV or the Internet, if
you like me watched 20/20 this evening on ABC. Then you need to
put your differences with someone into the perspective of the
Haitian people and what is taking place there right now. Words
fail me as I watch the horror that has taken place in and around
the city of Port au Prince, Haiti.

Time to check your inventory! Time to put away issues you have
with people, most are nothing in the context of the Haitian
people (those alive to deal with life), the majority who had
nothing to begin with, and now have even less.


More facts on the "Disaster in Haiti" on the next Meltdown

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