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3 Days into Haiti Disaster

Kindness getting in ... but

                        3 DAYS INTO HAITI DISASTER

Trying to watch PBS news tonight (and other main news stations of
the USA) was very hard, the reality, the details, the death and
destruction is horrific.

50,000 USA citizens live in Haiti. The USA is doing a Herculean
job in trying to serve the Haitian people. There will be 10,000
USA troops there by Monday the 18th of January. Getting food,
water, and other supplies into the country is reasonably easy,
the trouble is getting those supplies out to the people. Many
roads are blocked, just about no phone lines. Port au Prince, a
city built for 50,000 people houses 2 Million people. The
logistics are huge.

7,000 United Nations troops are in Haiti helping clear roads and
move the dead, and other jobs that are needed in such a time as

So far law and order is very good. As all admit it will be a long
road ahead for all concerned with the plight of the Haitian
But the "charities" of the world, the dedicated workers of all
skills coming into Haiti, to serve and help, is a witness to the
"good" of the human heart.
The truth of the matter is that the human heart, can be, even
without "religion" in the equation, VERY generous, caring, kind,
helpful, and serving, to others. Yes, the human heart can be also
DESPERATELY wicked (the Second World War attests to that fact, as
well as the Dark Middle Ages of the last 2 thousand years).
The verse in Jeremiah 17:9 has been VERY MISAPPLIED by "hell-
fire" preachers over the last hundreds of years. The word "is" in
the KJV is in "italics" - it is NOT IN THE HEBREW! What Jeremiah
was inspired to write was "The heart CAN BE deceitful about all,
and desperately wicked; who can know it?" Well it goes on to say,
God knows it, He knows the heart, and God will give according to
the fruit thereof. 

Is it not written? Did Jesus not Himself say: "And that servant,
which knew his Lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did
according to his will, shall be beaten with many strips. But he
that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stipes, shall be
beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of
him shall be much required; and to whom men have committed much,
of him they will ask the more" (Luke 12:47-48).

Everyone on this earth is BLINDED, spiritually speaking, UNTIL
God removes that blindness (read Romans chapter 9 through 11). On
a human level God made the human heart so it can be either good
or evil. Sure the Bible says all our righteousness is but filthy
rags before God, but you see that is from the stand-point of the
salvation question. For no matter how many righteous good works
you do, you can only be saved through GRACE by FAITH (and I have
a full in-depth study on that matter - called "Saved by Grace").
But, on a human level, and you need to realize The Holy One does
look on the human level as well. Do not EVER think He does not
notice the human love, kindness, generosity, good works,
dedicated free service, that many naturally give from their heart
in a situation like the Haitian people are facing.
God did NOT make the human heart to be DESPERATELY WICKED - it
can BECOME desperately wicked, from a sick society, people around
it who influence it, from the bad company it keeps (see 1
Cor.15:33), from miss and perverted education, from the influence
of Satan the Devil. But in the hands of human decency,
uprightness, good education, a society with strong moral
principles, even if that society is in spiritual blindness; the
human heart can manifest itself in "do unto others as you would
they do unto you" and you are seeing much of that in this
disaster the Haitian people are facing.

The truth of what God is doing for the plan of His salvation is
LOST by many Christian religious people. They have a HARD time to
let God be merciful, though they themselves want His mercy. The
friend of mine who stayed with me for the best part of a week,
recently, who I had not seen for 8 years, has a terrible time
with letting God be merciful to millions. He is 37 years old and
is so filled with some false religious ideas from the Protestant
world (though he is a Christian Jew - observing the Sabbath and
Feasts of the Lord) that when he gets close to knowing I believe
and teach millions, if not billions, of people will be raised to
life, to be given an opportunity for salvation, he immediately
says to me, "Oh you teach the 'second chance' doctrine." By the
time I've finished explaining the truth of the matter, he does
back down some, because he knows millions, nay billions, have 
lived and died never hearing about the only name whereby you 
can be saved (Acts 4:12) - Jesus Christ!

Yet, the truth that Paul taught in Romans 9 through 11 is just
hard to grasp by some "religious" people.

Well I may have strayed some from the original thoughts of this
meltdown. But it was a good time to explain a little on the truth
of the "Great White Throne Judgment Day" of Revelation 20, and
you can find a full detailed study of it on this Website.

The disaster in Haiti is unimaginable. But you are also seeing
the "goodness" of the human heart - people simply loving other
people, no matter what their skin color, education or lack
thereof, no matter where they are in the strata of life, living
on $2 a day as most Haitians do, or multi-millionaires. You may
not be able to fly off to Haiti to serve in a literal way those
people, but you know you can give, a dime here a dollar there. So
if you have not yet done so, why don't you stop right now, and go
give something. And remember everyone can be equal in remembering
the children and people of Haiti in prayer.

I think when people re-build Port au Prince it ain't going to be
built the same way, physically or emotionally.


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