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Disaster in Haiti #2

The Giving is Great!

                           DISASTER IN HAITI #2

Have you been keeping up with it all?  Truly horrible disaster
for such a small country!

The GIVING from Canadians (as I'm writing from Canada) has been
overwhelming, to charities and other forms of help in different
ways from the Canadian Government.

Does such a disaster question your faith in God, or even have you
wondering if God actually exists to allow this kind of tragedy?
We often look through a glass darkly; we do not have all the
answers; we do know that many heart-aches happen every day, some
small others large as like in Haiti; we do know that at this time
God is not, in any large way, directly involved with the many
things that do cause heart-ache and death on this earth. One day
that will change; the Father will take direct action in world
affairs, as He brings the prophecies to pass, in establishing the
Kingdom of God on earth under His Son, Christ Jesus.

To end the 11 p.m. CTV news (the other station from the CBC news)
they showed some Haitians, with hands high, singing the praises
of God. For them there was no question in their mind about God
existing, and no question that you should still sing praises to
Him even in this nightmare disaster.

Certainly this kind of horror should make you pray as Jesus said
we should: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is
in heaven."

There will be dark days yet coming for the nations of this earth,
before Christ's return and the restitution of all things, but the
bright, sweet, safe, righteous, age to come, WILL come. So
looking passed the horror we keep focussed on the time pictured
for us in Isaiah 2; 11; and other prophecies of the Bible.

If you can, now is the time to give to the people of Haiti, of
the material blessings you have.


To be continued

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