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Disaster in Haiti

The Earthquake of 2010

                             DISASTER IN HAITI

Wednesday 13th of January 2010; 24 hours or so after the point 7 
massive earthquake hit the island country of Haiti. The word
catastrophe is not sufficient to describe the aftermath. The
quake's epi-center not far from the capital Port au Prince. It is
the worse earthquake in 250 years to hit the country. Could well
be 100,000 people killed, some estimate it could be double that

Haiti is on two fault line plates that grind together sideways,
not up and down. Haiti's building are not built to withstand a
point 1 never mind a point 7 quake. The length of time for a
quake also means more damage the longer it continues. Haiti quake
was nearly one minute in length.

It is not possible to forecast an earthquake. Dogs can detect the
sound before humans, but only a few seconds before its impact
hits you.

Disease will soon kick in from decaying dead and sanitation
problems. The country already had serious health problems in a
number of ways.

Haiti people are extremely poor, many living on only $2 a day.
The lack of very poor infrastructure adds to the dire
consequences of the situation.

Food, water, body bags, medical supplies etc. are in great need. 

Haiti has had many disasters over the last 100 years, some
political some physical. By 1970 there was great political
troubles, and natural disasters. In the 1980s 4 hurricanes mashed
into the country in just weeks.

Here in Canada, as I write, we are told that thousands of
Canadians work in Haiti. The Canadian government will send
skilled tradesmen. The Canadian government will match dollar for
dollar with what the people will give in money to help the people
of Haiti.

The World Bank is giving 100 million dollars to Haiti.

China, and dozens of other nations are giving and/or sending help
to the people of Haiti.

The USA is by far the LARGEST giver to Haiti in its time of need.
The people from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob and the 13 tribes
of Israel, were to BLESS the world in MANY ways. All told in the
book of Genesis. God's promise to Abraham was that the world
would be blessed by his offspring. The riches of the world were
to be given through the centuries to the tribes of Israel. It was
so in the centuries leading up to the time of David and Solomon,
and it was to be so in the last days, from the time of the New
Testament and very much so in the last centuries of this age,
before Jesus would return.
The wealth of the USA and the British Commonwealth, will be seen
once more (if you take note of the news); although we have gone
through (and the USA is still in) a huge recession; you should be
able to get a view of the WEALTH that is STILL ours, as you
listen to how much the USA will send and give to the peoples of
It is kinda mind-bending really. And some, if not all, Protestant
prophets, tell you that the USA and Britain is not mentioned in
Bible prophecy. WHAT A BUNCH OF BOOBIDY-GOO talk and lack of
understanding the plain clear prophecies to Abraham, Isaac,
Jacob, Joseph, in the book of Genesis.

The people of the House of Israel, the TEN tribes of Israel, were
punished for their sins in a captivity by the Assyrian Empire,
deported from Samaria from 745 to 718 B.C. and but for some few
individuals, NEVER RETURNED to the Holy Land. They MIGRATED FROM
Assyria, lost their IDENTITY to themselves. They moved through
Europe over the centuries. God did not loose them. He knew them,
watched over them, guided them, to become the present nations of
North-West Europe, the British Commonwealth, and the United
States of America.

You will now hear once more how God has given the riches physical
blessings to these nations, to the modern House of Israel. You
thought we were in a recession? Well yes, sure in comparison to a
few years ago; but you TAKE NOTE, you people of this earth, you
will now once more see the GIVING AND GIVING and BLESSING UPON
BLESSING sent from the peoples of Israel to the peoples of Haiti.

Through this terrible disaster (which Jesus said would come here
and there on earth before His return) I hope you can find the God
of Israel; I hope you can see the truth of who the literal people
of the 13 tribes of Israel are today. For watch out, you will see
in the next weeks ahead, the fulfilment of this earth being
blessed by the offspring of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

And by the way, unless you are thinking otherwise, the God of
Israel is weeping also over the things coming on this earth. The
Eternal One would like all nations to REPENT and serve Him; to do
what is right both physically and spiritually. The Holy One does
not want to see the book of Revelation being fulfilled. The world
could be safer, sweeter, pleasant, in harmony, and the Kingdom of
God come to earth without the world getting broken, twisted, wore
out, and having to go through disaster after disaster.

It would seem the world will have to face such disasters, for the
world as a whole will not repent and serve the Holy One. But YOU
can; You personally can find God in all of this. It's a good time
to take stock; nothing physical in this life will stand forever;
it will one day all come crashing down. Yet the good news of the
Gospel is that YOU can stand forever, YOU can live for all
eternity. Here on this Website you can find the truth of why you
are here, and what God wants to give you for your destiny,
through His Son Christ Jesus. This Website is given so YOU can
come to know the RESTITUTION of all things.


To be continued

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