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National Geographic Magazine!

A Super Deal of Education


I had forgotten the wonders in photography and diagrams and text,
the National Geographic magazine is. Bought at the airport, the
December 2009 edition on my way out to visit with my Dad for a

On one of the last pages was the offer to buy every N.G. printed
since 1888 on 6 DVDs - 60 USA dollars and $5 more for a nice
case. Wow, what a deal! What a wonder, blows me away, how much
they can get on 6 DVDs. I sent for the set.

So, my education in things of this world will continue, as I try
to read one article a day, and catch up on all I've missed since
being alive and, well way before that also, from 1888. Education
.... it should never stop for us. They say one way to keep your
mind active and healthy is to keep it busy.

My Dad is proof of that for sure. He's still working on his PC.
Did his life story not too many years ago, in his early 80s. Now
doing a series called "Bits of Information." Short little this
and thats of good information on this or that.

It was a fine visit with my nearly 90 year old Dad. As he says,
"I feel real good within" - feels very healthy, but at 90 some
joints start to wear out etc. I arranged more money to be given
to the lady across the hall from him in the apartment building,
who cares for him in certain ways. The nurses come in to help
with the circulation in his left foot and leg. The medical world
has these look like nylon stockings (apparently different
thicknesses or strengths), space age materials in them (that the
naked eye cannot see) and they produce circulation in the leg. It
is most remarkable - they actually do work, and my Dad feels
super good with them on. What God did when He created the human
mind to be able to invent what is invented, is truly mind-
bending. No wonder David said, man was fearfully and wonderfully
Then I arranged "meals on wheels" to be brought in to my Dad on
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He does not want to cook like
he used to do (spending a few hours each day cooking his one main
meal), I don't blame him, at nearly 90 I understand.
He enjoys watching his favorite sport "soccer" - remember you USA
people, the world calls it "football" not soccer - I guess so, as
you use your feet to kick the ball around; often wondered why USA
football got to be called football, when it seems the feet have
just about nothing to do with the ball. He'll have lots to watch
with the Europe Cup, the British Cup, and the World Cup, all
coming up in 2010.

Back to the National Geographic magazine and that 6 DVD set. For
the cost I would sure recommend it to you. And in the December
issue is a card to get the magazine for a year for $28 dollars,
some super deal that is also.

So good educational reading to you in 2010.


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