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Jews move into Gaza!

Ground troops to ...

                     THE JEWS' GROUND INVASION OF GAZA

It is Sunday the 4th of January 2009. We are all aware by now
that the Jews have moved their ground forced into Gaza to
"cripple" as they put it, the Hamas fighters.

We see again the "speeches of words" from the world's diplomats
and social and psychology "experts" and other noted "voices" from
here and from there around the world.

So they tell us Hamas (in firing rockets into Israel) has broken
International law, and the Jews in fighting back have broken
International law. All words, all rhetoric, all mumbo-jumbo
gooladi-boodel moopala doopula - just made all that up, for

The bottom line:

Hamas had been for months firing rockets into Israel - not a clue
where they would land - houses, hospitals, schools, shops, market
places etc. and etc. 
Can the world, can the Arab world expect that Israel will just
sit by forever allowing Hamas to carry on bombing Israel? The
Arabs and the Palestinian people must truly have no logical
brain, be uneducated, be putting their heads in the sand, closing
their eyes and ears, if they believe Israel would not eventually
strike back.

One Palestinian youth was interviewed saying, "It's unfair, home
made bombs against war planes and missiles." It's as if he wanted
a war where both sides would be looking at the other side's bombs
and use the same, to keep it equal of sorts. He's out of touch
with modern warfare - sides to not think they are obliged to only
use the same weapons as the other side!

The Jews have telephoned people, dropped leaflets, to tell the
people of Gaza to "get the hell out of there" before we come. The
fathers and mothers and their children should be doing that -
MOVING OUT EN MASS!! They should by now in history now the Jews
will NOT BACK DOWN! They are going in to break the legs and
cripple the Hamas.

As the world turns, speaking from the carnal world's look on
things, the Jews can NO LONGER put up with the constant
declaration of war that Hamas constantly has been doing by
shelling daily, the towns of Israel. The Jews NEED TO DO a MIGHTY
WORK OF BLOWING AWAY THE HAMAS, who are a religious fanatical
CULT that is vowed to destroy the Jewish people.

We are not yet in the time of the end. The Jews are showing their
mighty military power, and no matter what the diplomats says as
they sit in their safe ivory towers, speaking words of "naughty
Palestinians and even naughtier Jews, please put down your arms
of war and come to the talking table." They are silly naive
diplomats that seem not to understand the fanatical Hamas will
never stop shelling Israel unless they and their places of
operation are fully demolished and smashed to bits.


To be continued from time to time 

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