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Planet Bathtub!

CO2 filling it up!

                          C02 AND CLIMATE CHANGE

I left to visit my Dad on December 25th 2009. While at the
airport on my way out I bought the December issue of National
Geographic. The front cover was on "Are We Alone" - the world
really trying to find another planet like ours, and they hope
"life" (of course they want to find life somewhere else other
than on earth, so their 'evolution' idea can be true).

But another 4 page study article caught my eye when I was going
through to see what other articles the magazine contained.

I do not have the tech programs to give pictures or diagrams on
this Website; this site is a "texts" study site; photos and the
like would take up way too much of the room I have; with text I
can still go on with about twice as much studies as is already on
this site.

Here is the "text" of this National Geographic study:


It's simple, really: As long as we pour CO2 into the atmosphere
faster than nature drains it out, the planet warms. And that
extra carbon takes a long time to drain out of the tub.

* What if we stop increasing emissions?

Even at the current emissions rate, CO2 is released into the
atmosphere nearly TWICE as FAST as it is removed - so the bathtub
will continue to fill.

* How do we cause CO2 emissions?

Four-fifths is from burning fossil fuels. Nearly all the rest is
from deforestation and other changes in land use.

* How does CO2 cause warming?

It absorbs some of the heat radiation coming off Earth's sunbaked
surface and reradiates it back downward.

* Where does our CO2 go?

Plants and soil absorb about a third each year, and ocean surface
waters about a quarter. The rest stays airborne for a long time.
45% remains in the atmosphere.

* How much is too much?

No one is sure. Some scientists think we need to reduce the CO2
level back down to 350 parts per million (ppm) - equivalent to
745 billion metric tons of carbon - to avoid serious climate
impacts. But if current emissions trends continue, 450 ppm will
be passed well before mid-century.

* Hasn't CO2 been this high before?

Not for at least 800,000 years, say the oldest air bubbles found
in Antarctic ice cores - and probably not for millions of years.

* What if we stop emissions completely?

It will take CENTURIES for plants and the ocean to soak up most
of the human-made CO2. It will take hundreds of millennia for the
rest to be removed by rock weathering, which converts CO2 to
carbonate sediments and rocks.

(The article gives a "line" diagram, from 450 ppm back down to
350 ppm would take over 900 years - Keith Hunt)

Plants and soil absorb CO2 quickly, but that reservoir fills up

* Why would the level stay high for so long?

The deep ocean is bigger, but access is slow; CO2 laden surface
water sinks at only two places near the Poles.

Carbonate sediments and rocks are far bigger and slower still;
they form at sea from elements weathered off rocks and land.


A fundamental human flaw, says John Sterman, impedes action on
global warming. Sterman is not talking about greed, selfishness,
or some other vice. He's talking about a cognitive limitation,
"an important and pervasive problem in human reasoning" that he
has documented by testing graduate students at the MIT Sloan
School of Management. Sterman teaches system dynamics, and he
says his students, though very bright and schooled in calculus,
lack an intuitive grasp of a simple, crucial system: a bathtub.
In particular, a tub with the tap running and the drain open. The
water level can stand for many quantities in the modern world.
The level of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere is one. A
person's waistline or credit card debt - both of which have also
become spreading problems of late - are two more. In all  three
cases, the level in the tub falls only when the drain runs faster
than the tap - when you burn more calories than you eat, for
instance, or pay off old charges faster than you incur new ones.

Plants, oceans, and rocks all drain carbon from the atmosphere,
but as climatologist David Archer explains in his book "The Long
Thaw," those drains are slow. It's going to take them hundreds of
years to remove most of the CO2 that humans are pouring into the
tub and hundreds of thousands of years to remove it all. 

Stopping the rise of CO2 will thus require huge cuts in emissions
from cars, power plants, and factories, until inflow no longer
exceeds outflow.

Most of Sterman's students - and his results have been replicated
at other universities - didn't understand that, at least not when
the problem was described in the usual climate jargon. Most
thought that simply stopping emissions from rising would stop the
rise of CO2 in the atmosphere - as if a tap running steadily but
rapidly would not eventually overflow the tub. 

If MIT graduate students don't get it, most politicians and
voters probably don't either. "And that means they think it's
easier to stabilize greenhouse gases and stop warming than it
is," Sterman says.

By 2008, the level of C02 in the tub was 385 parts per million
(ppm) and rising by 2 or 3 ppm each year. To stop it at 450 ppm,
Sterman says (a level many scientists consider dangerously high)
the world would have to cut emissions by around 80 percent by

When diplomats convene in Copenhagen this month to negotiate a
global climate treaty, Sterman will be there to help, with
software that shows immediately, based on the latest
climate-model forecasts, how a proposed emissions cut will affect
the level in the tub - and thus the temperature of the planet.
His students are generally much better at bathtub dynamics by the
end of his course, which gives him hope. "People can learn this,"
he says. - Robert Kunzig

Tub Dynamics: To experiment with the effects of different
emissions cuts, go to



Now friends, I submit to you that the above article is very
simple and logically easy to understand. God created this earth
with forests, plans, seas, and land mass, to keep CO2 way out of
harms way for this planet. 

You need to realize this planet could be MILLIONS of years old;
yes, you read correctly; the idea of a 6,000 year planet is NOT
Biblically correct at all. The proof of what I've said can be
found on this Website.

This planet was created to have no problem with too much CO2 in
the atmosphere, and has done very nicely thank you for millions
of years before Genesis 1:2 and for thousands of years after
Genesis 1:2. Another thing you need to get out of your wrong
theology thinking is that mankind has only been on this earth for
6,000 years. It just ain't so friends! Mankind has probably been
on this earth for at least 10,000 years. Proof of this is in the
original Hebrew of Genesis 5 and in recorded history of some
people, like the Indians of North America. None of these true
facts are against the truth of your Bible.

The earth has done very nicely thank you in climate-ing itself,
UNTIL man brought in the Industrial Revolution! And also the
modern "deforesting" in a huge 21st space-age science way, with
machines that can destroy large forest areas in a matter of a few

Common logic will tell you that we cannot just throw up into the
air all the emissions of modern space-age societies, at will, and
think it will have no effect. If your fireplace is burning faster
than you have outlets for the smoke to escape out of your home,
you know what will happen - eventually you will be dead from the
smoke you intake.

It is the fact that this passed decade (up to the end of 2009) 
has been the WARMEST decade in recorded history, since man has
been keeping yearly records.

The north and south poles are melting faster than ever predicted, 
to the shock of scientists. The large ice fields of the world are 
disappearing - it's all been on TV documentaries in the last year.
Polar bears have been seen eating their young (which has never been 
seen before) because their cold habitat is vanishing, and their
natural hunting is melting away. We now have a  "North-west Passage" 
in the arctic, which man has looked for until now but never found.

You need to come to realize there is no "secret" societies or
agents of this or that Government or "company" conspiring to make
you believe there is no climate change for whatever purpose, or
the other way around. Both side may manipulate their side, but the
basic facts remain. Over 100 nations met at conference this December 
2009, and all agree to the basic fact - we have serious climate
change going on because of CO2 emissions by the big industrial
nations of the earth.
You need to come to realize "oil" is on its way out - there are no
oil whatever .... trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Oil is
going the way of the piston car - it's not going to have any part
in the end time prophecies of your Bible. No third world war is
going to happen because of "oil" as many Protestant prophets have
preached to you over the last 50 years. 

The end time prophecies will come about in a way that will be FAR
different than most have ever thought about. It will certainly
not be over "oil" or "the economy" of this or that nation. It
will not be in any way like the "political" scene in the world
and in Germany before the Second World War. Oh yes, it will be a
united Europe as the Beast of Revelation (with a woman whore
church riding it) as the "king of the north" and a might Egyptian
Arab "king of the south" that will "push at" (in some way NOT
revealed to us) the king of the North, who will then come
sweeping down to destroy the king of the south. This Beast power
will then enter the holy land, surround Jerusalem, make it
desolate, and will then capture the "western world" (Daniel 11:40
to 12:2). There will come then a time of "great tribulation" such
as never before seen, with a mighty persecution of true saints,
many of them having to die for the true faith.

All this I have given you in detail on this Website. But what you
need to KNOW and REMEMBER is that the THIRD WORLD war will not
get started because of "oil" or in a way that will be anything
like the starting of the Second World war in 1939. There will be
totally DIFFERENT factors in the world scene that will lead up to
the final world war, and the return of Jesus Christ to this
earth. Could it be that "climate change" in various parts of the
world will have a "This situation is so drastic that drastic
measures must be taken" mentality by the Beast of Europe?
Certainly Europe was not happy with the results from the "climate
change" conference of world nations in Copenhagen in December
2009. Time will tell, it may be so, but it will not be anything
to do with "oil" or some "recession" like the world has gone
through in 2008/9.

If mankind does not do some DRASTIC emissions back-up in the next
40 years, then the world is heading for disasters in different
places like we have never seen since man has been on earth. To
avoid the book of Revelation becoming reality the nations on

I doubt in this late stage the world will do either. SO PREPARE

Jesus said that the time would come when if He did not shorten 
the days of mankind, and return, human kind would obliterate
themselves from off this earth (Mat.24) and part of that obliteration 
would be by the means of climate change that would have drastic
effects here and there, in different ways. Part of the climate
change (so the weather experts say) is wild "crazy" weather more
often in different parts of the earth. Mankind is throwing global
weather out of orbit, and the way it has been for thousands of years. 

It will take some MIRACLES on His part to RESTORE this earth to
the beauty, cleanness, freshness, and purity it was in that first
week of the creation we read about in Genesis chapter one.

The GOOD NEWS is that it will be so - there WILL BE - a

Keith Hunt

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