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World Deception!

By a "woman church"!

                       THE WOMAN AND HER DECEPTION 

It has probably been this way for many decades of the modern
world, so it's probably just that I'm happening to see a few more "blips"
on the TV news this December, that has me amazed at and disgusted
with, the religious deception that now circles the earth.
Of course if you readers of this have not already guessed, I'm
talking about the "Christmas Season."

It has become so natural to see and hear the popular "Christian"
religions of the world all getting into the swing of Christmas
glamor. It is very easy to get swept up in the "nice" and
"lovely" emotions of this worldwide popular celebration. Why even
those who are not religious, all get caught up in the thrill, the
excitement, the smiling happiness of it all. I suppose the world
by and large has so many horrible things happening to it on a
daily basis, that you kinda have to say they need some "cheer" of
some kind. Going back to the religious world of Christianity ...
they talk now as if Christmas is one of the BIG TEN commandments,
that it is part of the very being of the Being up in the heaven
above, that has always been, well at least since that God being
was born as a little baby in that stable about 2,000 years ago.
It has, this season on the calendar, become an absolute part of
"Christian Theology" and most people going under the name of
Christian, just seem to take it for granted that God the Father
made this "season" one of His most dogmatic and most important
seasons in His New Testament "under grace" dispensation.

So most Christians don't think twice about this "Christmas"
season. And with all the smiles, love, giving, joy, that we see,
at least on the surface, anyone not getting into the full
downward thrill of the toboggan ride, is looked upon as ... well
strange, if not sac-religious, and a heretic.

If someone did just a slight research on the subject, they would
probably be shocked out of their boots, to find that for about
400 years of the Christian age from the first apostles, NO church
group going under the name of Christ, EVER celebrated this season
of the supposed birth of Christ. It just was not a part of the
Christian calendar for about the first 400 years. I mean that is
a LONG time, longer than the USA has been a nation. Generation
after generation of Christians did not observe the birth of Jesus
with a "date" of any kind on a calendar. Obviously no date of
Christ's birth was ever handed down from Mary or the first
apostles, or we'd all be told where it is recorded.

A little more research will give you more shocking facts about
just HOW this "season" of the year became a part of the popular
world that went by the name of "Christian." Those facts are given
elsewhere on this Website.

Unless you have the mind of God (see Phil.2:5), unless you look
at things from His perspective, you will not see the deception
and damage this season has on the "theology" of the true God.
Without God's mind you will not see the depths of Satan the
Devil, and HOW Jesus had to inspire John to record in the book of
Revelation, that Satan has deceived the WHOLE world (Revelation
12:9). The Devil plays many a game, this one and that one, this
slight of hand, and that slight of hand. He will mix up the
colors, and play every type of "loving" or "violent" game anyone
can dream up. He has games the atheist world can play; games the
kind-loving world can play; games any Christian denomination want
to play. You want it, this way or that way, and he will have it
for you.

But the Eternal God has written in His word that there would come
a woman church whore, that Satan would use to bring deception on
this world as no one single organization has done. In the book of
Revelation she is called MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, the MOTHER of
harlots, and ABOMINATIONS of the earth (Rev.17:5). She has and
still does, sit with kings of the earth and committed spiritual
fornication with them. And the inhabitants of the earth have been
made DRUNK with the WINE of her fornications (verse 1-2).

Stop and think, just mediate for a few minutes. Where have you
ever seen anything like it? A church that can adopted pagan
customs, sprinkle so-called holy water on them, give them the
name of "Christian" and NOT ONLY eventually have the MAJORITY of
everyone who calls themselves by the name of Christ, OBSERVING
them, BUT ALSO have the SECULAR world observing them, EVEN
nations that do not call themselves Christian per se. You have
China, India, and many other nations observing Christmas in some
form or way. You have the 1st of January (a Roman Catholic
adoption of secular Rome's calendar year) now being observed ALL
AROUND the world. Do you remember how it was when we went over
from 1999 to the year 2000. You had the broadcasts bringing in
that 1st of January starting in the East and moving West. I mean
what "Christian" church could ever bring about such worldwide
adoptions of things it got from the world itself, then baptize
them as "Christian" and then over centuries of time, brand them
back on the world again. It has been ASTONISHING in reality,
something no one would have dreamed possible. Yet it has
happened, and the Eternal God SAID IT WOULD HAPPEN!! He told us
THOUSANDS of years ago that such would be the case.

This fact all by itself, written in the Bible, is PROOF that God
And YOU are LIVING to see it all taking place around you, day
after day, month after month, year after year. Just think back
say 50 years ago. Was the world, the Eastern nations of China and
India and Japan, observing Christmas and January 1st, like they
do today? No they were not! 
YOU are living in prophetic times as never before! No matter how
long the Father decides to let this age continue, before He sends
Jesus back to earth, YOU are witness to LIVING PROPHECIES taking

If you're not careful; if you're not spiritually watching, you
can get caught up in what looks to be nice and fun and pleasant.
You can be soon caught up in "Well, this looks pretty harmless,
and actually fun, and very 'Christian.'"

My oh my, what a "Christian church" deception Satan has used over
the last 2,000 years. But if you have the mind of God, you will
see why He calls it MYSTERY BABYLON, and ABOMINATIONS (yes plural
with an "s") of the earth. And a verse later the woman is drunk
with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs
of Jesus. Now it doesn't take much research in going to your
history over the last 2,000 years and finding out what "woman
church" has killed other Christians, in large numbers.

Yet she can still boast of having OVER ONE BILLION members around
the world!

Oh indeed, what DECEPTION covers this earth!

I pray for the time Jesus will return, chain up Satan the Devil,
cast deception away, cover this earth with the true knowledge of
God as the waters cover the sea beds.

Yes, He will come again, and there will be a RESTITUTION OF ALL


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