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Invictus Movie

Mandela and S.Africa's 1995 Rugby Team

                        MAGNIFICENT - HEARTWARMING

Just returned from seeing "Invictus" the story of President
Nelson Mandela and the 1995 South African Rugby team that won the
World Championship. Those in the know say the movie depicted
Mandela as kinda part of the team all the way along to the final,
which they say is not true at all. Nevertheless, putting that
fact to one side, the "spirit" of the movie and the core facts of
those years of Mandela becoming President of South Africa, and
the unlikeliness of South Africa getting to the World final and
then beating the famous New Zealand All Blacks, is in itself
worth making a movie over. Adding to that the historical truths
of the times in South Africa and the amazing story of Mandela
coming out of 27 years in jail to become President of South
Africa is another story of inspiring truth for another movie. I
found the movie very moving and heart-warming as well as
inspiring. Two thumbs up for director Clint Eastwood.

Here are more true story movies for your enjoyment:

* UNITED 93 - the courageous people who would not let the
terrorists fulfil their plans for Flight 93 on September 11th
2001. Teens and older.

* GRACIE - 2007 TVA Films - a girl playing soccer in a boys
world. For ages 6 to 106.

* LAWRENCE OF ARABIA - Columbia Picture 1962 - the life story of
Lawrence assigned to Arabia during Word War 1. A courageous but
"strange" man of the times.

* A BEAR NAMED WINNIE - 2004 by Original Pictures Int. - a true
story of the friendship between the Canadian soldier and the bear
that inspired the beloved A.A.Milne character. A great movie for
the whole family.

* SHATTERED GLASS - Lionsgate Films - the story of Stephen Glass,
a young journalist in the mid-90s that stopped his career in its
tracks. Teens and Adults.

* WE ARE MARSHAL - 2006 Warner Bros.Pictures - the story of
rebuilding the Marshall University football team after a plane
crash wiped out Marshall's beloved Thundering Herd. Teens to

* 300 - 2007 Warner Bros.Pictures - the modern Hollywood hype of
the three hundred Spartans who fought to death against Xerxes and
his massive Persian army. Rated 18a.

* BECOMING JANE - 2007 Miramax Film Corp. - the story of Jane
Austen the beloved writer. Teens and Adults.

* THE FLYING SCOTSMAN - 2006 MGM films - the remarkable life
story of world champion cyclist Graeme Obree. Teens and Adults.

AND ONE MADE-UP MOVIE .... if you enjoy dancing and singing, one
the greatest "musicals" of all time .... Gene Kelly in AN
AMERICAN IN PARIS. The two disc edition is tops, obtainable from


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