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How Hitler Lost The War

He could never have won!

                          HOW HITLER LOST THE WAR

I happened to spot a DVD documentary the other day called "How
Hitler Lost the War."

On the back of the case it says:


Insightful and provocative, 'How Hitler Lost The War' offers an
unconventional perspective of Germany's defeat in World War 2. An
eye-opening documentary, the film examines the theory that
Germany essentially won and then lost the war before 1942.
According to the film, if it weren't for Hitler's political and
military mistakes, the United States would have had to stand
alone against Nazi-Europe and powerful, allied Japan. An
unfavorable outcome for the U.S. and a terrifying, uncertain
future for the world would have been the likely result of such a

Highlights of 'How Hitler Lost The War' include illustrative
maps, historical footage, and the personal interviews of veterans
from both sides of the war, a few of whom knew Hitler personally.

This is a riveting and revealing alternative look at the theories
behind and the flaws within Hitler's strategy, which ultimately
resulted in Germany's defeat and the downfall of his regime.

End Quote

50 million people died in different ways during this war and in direct
relation to that war.
As Winston Churchill wrote, it was the most horrific war of death
in human history.

After viewing the documentary I would say that it has much truth
as to the reality of how Hitler lost the Second World War. It was
the second sword to come against the nations of Israel (Ezekiel
21:14), the second of THREE swords. Hitler could never have won
that war, because God would intervene in certain ways to make
sure he could have never won. And indeed some of those ways were
the crazy and stupid decisions Hitler made (against the majority
of his military leaders) when he had Britain by the jugular vein.

An interesting documentary indeed, by Echo Bridge Home
Entertainment, in 2005.

Yes, there is to come a THIRD sword, a third world war, which
will not see a victory for Britain and the USA. A mighty Beast
Babylon resurrected Holy Roman Empire will arise in Europe. A
great political/military leader will again rise. But added to him
will be a miracle working False prophet, the head of a Babylon
"Christian" church, the largest in the world. Together they will
form an Empire of Europe that will defeat an Arab "king of the
south" - march into the Holy Land, destroy the Jewish people (not
every one of them but a good portion) and then destroy the
British Commonwealth and the USA. This Beast power will rule the
Western world - it will flex its muscles against the powers of
the North and East - Russia and China. The two powers will clash
- and unless Jesus would return to stop this battle, no flesh
would be saved alive. Jesus will come, the righteous angels and
saints will be with Him. The armies of the Beast and the powers
to the East of the Euphrates river, will gather at the plains of
Megiddo. The mighty battle of Armageddon will take place
(Revelation 16 and 19). All fully expounded upon in various
studies on this Website. 
     Jesus will be the victor and the Kingdom of God will be set
up on this earth; first at Jerusalem and then eventually all
around the earth. Then will come the age when they will learn war
no more, when they will "... not hurt nor destroy in all my holy
mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the
Lord, as the waters cover the sea" (Isaiah 11:9).
     God speed that day!


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