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Jews and Palestinians fight Again!

Germany and Adolf Hitler!

                      INTO 2009 ON THE ROMAN CALENDAR

January 1st 2009. The pagan Roman year on the Roman Catholic
calendar that she has pretty well branded the entire world with,
is one day old.

I was away visiting my Dad in British Columbia, Canada (about 8
hours by car from me her in Calgary, Alberta), from December 25th
to 31st. Arrived back safely, a window in the terrible weather to
grip most of North America was opened, and the flight back was
smooth and weather every good indeed. Now the winter is back with
full force here once more, and in a good part of North America it

While away we had the Jews and Palestinians (Gaza) smashing each
other once again, killing and fighting, maybe a full ground
invasion by the Jews into Gaza. It's a 3,000 year up and down war
of Israelites verses Philistines (now called Palestinians), and
it is not going to go away UNTIL christ the Messiah comes back to
this earth to STOP all wars between all nations, and bring in the
peaceable 1,000 year age to come, when nations will not lift up
sword against nations and when they will "learn" war no more. How
we need that age, what a bloody mess this world is in. It is
heart-breaking to see the killing and death of people, be it
soldier against soldier, or innocent men and women and children
dying from warfare.

The nation called "Israel" in the Holy Land once more is showing
the world its might war machine. Yet end-time prophecy tells us
that this strong war machine of the Jews will be somehow defeated
in due time by the mighty war machine of the last resurrected
Holy Roman Empire of Europe; just as I have told you in detail in
the many study articles on prophecy on this Website.

I have just come back from seeing the new movie "Valkyrie" with the
staring role being acted by Tom Cruise. It is about the last
assassination attempt of German war leaders on the life of Adolf
Hitler. There were a total of 15 attempts to kill Hitler, which I
did not realize. I was 3 years old when the Second World War
ended, and I really have not read that much about that war over
the years. The movie clearly shows MANY Germans and war leaders
came to see Hitler was a mad-man, a despot, an insane individual,
who needed to be killed.

Nine months after this failed attempt to kill Hitler, Berlin and
Germany fell, Hitler committed suicide. And we, through the
Marshall plan began to rebuild Germany, well West Germany as the
Soviets took East Germany, until the infamous Berlin Wall came
crashing down. The rest is history as they say.

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) some years back did a
mini-series on the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. Extremely well
done. It shows the political scene of the day in Germany that was
there to give the foundation of a charismatic leader like Adolf
Hitler the seed-bed to fame and power.

The end time prophecies will NOT be a repeat of the Hitler years.
Germany has enough monuments to forever keep its population
remembering the bastardly years of Hitler. There are enough
movies made and being made, to keep that history forever alive.
Yes, Germany will be the POWER-HOUSE of Europe as it rises to its
BEAST status at the end of this age, but the entire end-time
scene will be nowhere the same as in Hitler's Germany. The
political setting of the world will be vastly different. The
religious setting of the world will be different. The reasons for
the Holy Roman Empire to strike the Arab confederation of nations
and then destroy the nations of modern Israel (mainly and
foremost the British Family of nations and the United States of
America) together with the Jews, will be vastly different than
Adolf Hitler's Germany wanting to rule the world.

The setting for all end-time prophecies to come to pass, will be
WAY DIFFERENT than the setting of the 1930s. It must be so, to
allow the German-led Roman Catholic Europe to have "religious"
and "political" deception over its people, and to have them
BELIEVING they have the God-given power and responsibility to
bring "Christianity" to the Western world, albeit, Roman Catholic
Hence with a NEW and DIFFERENT setting, the people of this Europe
Beast will give no thought about Germany and Hitler of the 1930s
to 1945. The world setting will be as such to again justify a so-
called "godly-Europe" to conquering the world for Christ, against
false none-Christian religions and what they will term "fanatical
Christian religions."

There will be NO "protection when we need it" this next time
around. Which will be the last time around, I'm pleased to say,
for the "crazy ones" of this Satan deceived world. In the mean-
time you may like to read the study article called "Protection
When We Need It."

It is 50 years today that Castro came to power in Cuba. You have
both side of the coin claiming it was good or it was bad.
Castro's brother now in power (as the original "mighty Castro" is
in failing health) has promised revisions and moving forward, but
in a slow manner. We wait to see if President Obama will make it
easier for USA citizens to deal in the world of Cuba.

California today has banned "sending text messages" while driving
an automobile. I should think, what on earth is taking the rest
of the world to do bring in the same law? The idea of texting on
anything while driving is truly idiotic and insane!

Each and every day more medical break-through data and
instruments are brought to light - simply amazing is the
knowledge and inventions of man in the medical world.

To be continued from time to time

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