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Those who set "dates"!

They're still at it!


I get this "Christian" publication once a month, and sure enough
we still have "date setters" out there. So people get taken with
"Jubilee" years of the Bible. Then they go to this or that fellow
now long dead, who fixed this date, which then add the Jubilee
years and you come to this other date. Then you may go to another
guy who fixed this event on this date, and you add this amount of
years from some other date or multiply by 7 - that God's perfect
number, and you get this date. Or you go to someone like Ivan
Panin, the "esteemed Russian numerologist and student of the
numbers in the Bible for some 50 years" (that is indeed a quote
by this one author) and you do this or add that or subtract such
and such, and wow .... you come up with 2003, which according to
this one man, sure was significant.

Well on and on it goes, from one decade to another. Each decade
it seem has its date setting chronology preachers, to the count-
down (always very near you know) to Christ's return to earth to
set up the Kingdom of God.

It's all a bunch of horse dung, it's all playing with numbers and
figures from this person or that person. Oh my, if you had all of
these dates as being "the one" for Jesus' coming or for even the
"great tribulation" we would have had Christ come about 50 times
in the last 200 years.

When will we ever learn? We are only given "SIGNS" to watch for.
And many of those signs are in each succeeding decade. The few
"specific" signs most do not even understand what they are, and
those who think they do, I will tell you, don't have a clue about
"Bible Prophecy" in its all splendor.

You will find on this Website NO dates for end time prophecy.
Simply because there is none to give. You will find on this
Website the SIGNS to watch for, and some of those signs maybe
YEARS from coming to pass. God can slow down, or speed up the end
time prophecies in His word. All we can do is WATCH!


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