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Genetics and the Human

Britain and USA cannot be ....

                         SCIENCE FALSELY SO CALLED

There is this fellow who now and again sends me his argument that
"science" or "genetics" of whatever else moves or shakes or roams
around in the body from way back when ..... well, proves the
Western world cannot be the House of Israel, or more specifically
The British Commonwealth cannot be Ephraim and the United States
of America cannot be Manasseh.

My answer to his "scientific arguments" ------

"With men this it is impossible, but with God all things are
possible" - Jesus Christ - Matthew 19:26

I think God as creator can do with the physical body whatever and
whenever He desires, to bring to pass what He has promised. He
can after all turn water into wine, still the storm, part the Red
Sea, raise Jesus from the dead, give Him an immortal body that
can walk through walls, and then have His disciples touch Him.
Yes indeed it is true as the apostle Paul said, "there is a
science, falsely so-called."

Keith Hunt


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