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True Life Movies

Here's More of Them

                           MORE TRUE LIFE MOVIES

Maybe it's time again for you to find some of the true based
movies for your education, inspiration, and enjoyment.

* PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - Columbia Pictures - 2006 - good for all

* GREY OWL - An Alliance Atlantis release -  2001 - staring
Pierce Brosnan  - good for all ages. Maybe hard to find.

* GLORY ROAD - Walt Disney Pictures - 2006 - Basket Ball - good
for all ages.

* THE 300 SPARTANS - Twentieth Century Fox - 1961 - the original
movie of this historical battle. This movie is not rated,
probably fine for children 7 and older.

* TROY - Warner Brothers Picture - 2004 - I recommend for teens
and older. What most do not know is that after the city of Troy
fell to the Greeks, the Trojans under Brutus came back and
recaptured Troy. Brutus with many then left and eventually settled
in Britain. The Trojans were descended from the tribe of Judah.

* THE LAST SAMURAI - Warner Brothers Pictures - 2003 - staring
Tom Cruise - recommend for teens and older.

* PEARL HABOR - Touchstones Picture - Jerry Bruckheimer Films -
the last make on this event that brought the USA into the Second
World War. Added story line to the basic events. Good for teens
and older.

* THE WORLD TRADE CENTER - Paramount Pictures - 2006 - good for
teens and older.

* THE QUEEN - An Alliance Atlantic/Miramax Film Corp. - 2007 -
the story of the Queen after Princess Diana's death in 1997 -
good for teens and older. Some under teenage may enjoy it.

* PRAIRIE GIANT - The Tommy Douglas Story - Minds Eye
Entertainment - 2005 - the story of the man that was voted "The
Greatest Canadian of all Time" 
Maybe only obtainable from
I do indeed recommend you try and obtain this movie - Tommy
Douglas was an incredible man of the 20th century. 
Good for all ages, but teens and older will enjoy it the most,
but some under teenage may enjoy it also.

Until next time, have some good movie viewing.


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