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Wow! Medical world admits!

Serious side effects of H1N1 vaccine



Today November 17th 2009. The medical and news people in Canada
are admitting that there is SOME negative reactions to the swine
flu vaccine, and then they admitted that SOME of the SOME, are
very SERIOUS negative reactions!

They spot-lighted the 40 year old mother of two children, coming
down with the H1N1 swine flu and, as her relatives put it "a
healthy 40 year old is dead within two days of ending up in the

Now, the news media even went on to say this 40 year old lady HAD
BEEN vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine. Wow, for them to admit
such a thing is very unusual, well it sure has been in the past,
but I guess in todays high-tech world, they probably figured that
news would get out sooner or later, so they better be up front
with it. 

Ah, but get this, they always have an answer: they said she
probably got the swine flu before the vaccine's two week "kick
in" had taken place. Now, technically that MAY be so, but then it
MAY NOT be so. They will NEVER ADMIT that a vaccine for something
like the flu, may actually give you the flu it is supposed to

This swine flu does seem to attack (for some reason they do not
yet know) the younger people, younger meaning 50 years old and
The other fact to keep in mind is that even with this swine flu
IT IS ONLY THE VERY VERY FEW (of the relative few that get it to
begin with) that will die from it. As they admit, the "regular"
flu (of which there is 100 or more "varieties") kills THOUSANDS
around the world each flu season. This is a sad and sorrowful
truth of the matter, no matter how many vaccines they try to
produce against the flu. 

It is a sad world, with all the deceases, pestilences, floods,
earthquakes, starvation, and sicknesses, that take the lives of
so many from every age group - children to the elderly. Only the
coming of Christ and a restitution of all things will put an end
to untimely death of children and adults.

So indeed we continue to pray for God's Kingdom to come, and His
will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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