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Berlin Wall - Horror of War

60,000 die in ONE day!

                               EUROPE AS ONE

November 2009 - Europe - Germany - Berlin: big celebrations at
the old Berlin Wall, 20 years since the Berlin Wall came crashing
down. British Prime Minister said to the people gathered to
celebrate, "You did it - a divided city became ONE; a divided
Germany became ONE; a divided Europe has become ONE."

Well indeed it has, for the Eternal God foretold long ago,
thousands of years ago, that the old Roman Empire would have an
end time fulfilment. Europe would become united, even be it like
clay and iron mixed. It would become the Beast Power, the
Babylon/Roman resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. Yes it has a
ways to go yet, but over the last 50 or so years it has been
marching on to be what it must be in the last years of this age.
How long it will take to fulfil the prophecies of Daniel and
Revelation, only God has the time line, but you are living in the
time that prophecy is taking place right before your eyes. It
will all come to pass as is fully explained in many studies on
this Website.

Gold - yes the glittery stuff is still climbing high like a
rocket-ship. India is going for gold - it is one of 10 countries
in the world that are the highest buyers and investors in gold.

Japan airlines is in deep deep trouble. It will be interesting to
see how it will survive in the months ahead.

Craft, the company, wants to buy Cadbury company, yes the
chocolate empire. It might be a crafty deal (pun intended) if it
happens at all. Time will tell.

Barclays bank and HSBC bank are posting what looks like BILLIONS
of dollars in PROFIT! They are two of the banks that did not need
any bail-out money. They were obviously looking after their books
well, and did not get caught in the downfall of the Wall Street
washout flood of 2008.

"Abode" soft-wear giant lays off 680 - 1 in 10 of its employees.

China's industry moving up - 16% over last year. Exports down but
the lowest month in the last 12 months. Japan is also moving up
in certain ways - she has the second largest economy in the
world, so some good new from Japan. Britain is still being called
the "sick man of Europe."

November 11th - people remember all who died in 1st and 2nd World
Wars and many other wars also. One British High School student
said concerning the history of the 1st World War: "60,000 died in
ONE DAY - that I find hard to comprehend."

Such has been the horror of some wars.


To be continued from time to time

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