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The FOURTH kind!

Indeed there are Such!

                            WE HAVE VISITORS!!

I've seen "The FOURTH kind" - a movie about not just the THIRD
kind (contact with things not from our planet) but the FOURTH
kind - ABDUCTIONS by things not from this physical universe. If
you did not know there have been, since 1930 about 11 million
reports of the "various" one, two, third, fourth, kinds. The
block-buster movie "ET" was of the THIRD kind.

If you did not know (and most of us do not) - the towns of Nome
and Anchorage, in Alaska, have had hundreds of FBI agents
exploring them over the years, for they have the highest
"strange" murders or disappearance of persons in the USA.

The movie "The FOURTH kind" is based upon one "strange" happening
in Nome, Alaska, and .... well if you see the movie you'll know.
Do NOT take children to this movie.

None of what the movie presents to us was a surprise per se to
me. For knowing and reading the Bible, we KNOW there is a "demon"
world out there, who have powers way beyond any human. And at
this present time the Eternal God does ALLOW them to work their
evil and insane and disturbing work here and there. They seem to
have "pet" projects and "pet" places they like to work in.

For the Christian, we need not fear. I do not fear Satan or his
workers. The POWER of God is way superior to any force the
Satanic world is allowed.

Yes, indeed, SOME of the STRANGE sightings and worse yet, some of
the bizarre disappearing of people, never to return, or "gone for
a while and then come back," are the workings of the demon world.

As we read the prophecies of the Bible, as we read the book of
Revelation, as we get closer and closer to the last 42 months of
this age, we shall see the working of Satan and the demons
mushroom. Their work will lead to a "false prophet" (a
"Christian" religious man) and a "beast man" (political/military
guy) ruling the Western world. The demons will also be working
hard in the Arab world and the Eastern world. Mighty miracles
will be performed by the false prophet - tens of millions in the
West will come under his power and control for a short time. 

It will all end up in the 16th chapter of Revelation and as it is
popularly called "the battle of Armageddon."

Make no mistake about it, the FOURTH kind have been out there and
have been working through the centuries. They will get busier and
busier with demonic miracles and deception as we draw closer to
the end of this age. But also remember the POWER of the Almighty
One can chain up Satan and his demons, stop them in their tracks,
have them useless, and hence protect the saints of God, at any
time. It is also true, sometimes God allows SOME saints to be
persecuted and die for the faith once delivered to the saints.
All of this will happen (Revelation 12) before Jesus comes again.
Know this, that if YOU are chosen to die for the faith once
delivered, the Lord will give you the strength, as He did with
apostles like Paul and Peter and many others.

When Jesus returns He will put an end to demonic games and
deceptions, and the disappearing acts and twisted minds and
bodies, that the demons play with today. Satan and his co-working
fallen angels with be CHAINED up for one thousand years. There
will then be a RIGHTEOUS kind on earth, it will be the time of
the "Kingdom of God" kind on earth. We continue to pray that the
age to come will not be too far away.


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