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The GREAT William Wilberforce!

The End to the British Slave Trade!

                       THE GREAT WILLIAM WILBERFORCE

The name of the man is probably unknown by most today. I doubt
they will teach the history of this man in the schools. But this
man is undoubtedly one of the greatest Englishmen of all time.
Most will not want to go there because it concerns one of the
darkest and most horrific shames of human history (and surely
there has been many of them).

I've just finished watching the movie "Amazing Grace" - a 2006
Bristol Ray Productions. It is the true story of William
Wilberforce. The story of how one man's passion and perseverance
changed the world. It follows his courageous quest to end British
slave trade. Along the way, Wilberforce meets intense opposition
from members of Parliament but his minister, John Newton, a
reformed slave ship captain who penned the beloved hymn "Amazing
Grace," urges him to see the cause through.

This movie brings out the horrible, gruesome, revolting,
sickening, disgusting, vile, atrocious, and in many ways very
unspeakable, real life happenings of the "slave trade" the
British (and other nations) were in before people like
Wilberforce were finally able to put a stop to it.

It is truly shocking to know the human heart can practice,
believing somehow that it is quite fine to do so, such as the
handling of other humans as if they were but wild animals for
exploitation. We know the Nazi mad-men were able to do the same
thing during the years of the Second World War, but most of us do
not know, have forgotten, or do not wish to remember, that OUR
PEOPLE, the white people of Britain and the USA, also, not that
long ago, treated the blacks of Africa, as if mere cattle, to be
bought and sold, often killed without a second thought.

You need to see this movie. You need to see a part of our history
that is not nice to know. At the right time and age, your
children need to know this part of our history. In the evil of it
all, we find a few men willing to stand up in public politics,
and denounce the evil, cry out at the sin it was, and call for an
end to the wickedness. The movie will inspire you to know such
men as Wilberforce lived and acted, and finally were victorious
over the depraved human heart of far too many in the business and
political world.

You may have to obtain this movie from a Bible Book Store - but
you should make every effort to find it and see it.

William Wilberforce - truly a most remarkable man in our Anglo-
Saxon history.


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