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December 23rd 2008. Well the news keeps thundering along. It is
estimated that in this down-turn of financial collapse ONE in
ELEVEN USA people are SHOPLIFTING right now. That is truly
staggering to think that when you look into a crowd of people,
one out of eleven are there to shop-lift something.

Then we have unemployment near an all time high. There are more
on "food stamps" and visiting "charity food banks" than just
about ever before.

A report has come out criticizing the West doing "night raids"
and "air strikes" in Afghanistan. It all means innocent adults
and children die. War is a bloody mess - literally.

Today the first suicide from the MADOFF rip-off took place. Mr.
Madoff from Wall Street had successfully ripped off investors to
the tune of 50 BILLION over the last few decades. The man who
killed himself was a high ranking finance fellow with many top
ranking rich folks from France. They say the fellow lost about
1.5 BILLION dollars in the Madoff game of finance playing.

The Pope has come under fire for stating in round about language
the always teaching of the Catholic church that Homosexuality and
Lesbianism is SIN if practiced. 
Yes, the Roman Catholic Church is not wrong on all things. They
do understand SOME truths of the Bible and what God teaches in
His holy word.
The time will come when this woman will fully and powerfully ride
the Beast of Europe. Then her teaching will CLASH with much of
the other nations of the West. When there will arise a Pope who
can perform miracles, and who will lead over a BILLION of its
followers and those secular leaders of some Europe nations, to
force it to stand up and with its military power, and first come
against the "king of the south" (an Arab cartel of nations)
then against the Jews in the Holy Land, then the nations of the 
USA and  British Commonwealth (who will oppose it) it will attack 
and destroy. One day the Holy Roman Empire will again rule the 
Western world.
Yes, Bible prophecy ain't goin' be what the funny-mental Protestants
prophets tell you.

The year 2008 on the Roman calendar is going out with a BANG!!
The year 2009 is leading up to be a very interesting year indeed.

Keith Hunt

Continued from time to time.

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