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The MELTDOWN continues

True Love is waxing cold

                          ARE YOU WATCHING......?

As of November 15th 2008 we have on the latest news that ONE
TRILLION dollars PLUS has been given out to various companies of
the USA (including 25 billion so far to USA car manufacturers,
and they say they want another 25 billion) in this world
financial mess and melt down, triggered by and responsible by the
USA and their greedy lust of money by the elite of Wall Street.
Money from the tax payer is being shovelled out like candy in the
candy store to all who drop by saying they are going under unless
they get a hand out.
It is 25 billion to this one, 50 billion to that one, 10 billion
to another one, and on it is going. 

The rich of Wall Street got richer while they dug the rest of the
population into a hole reaching down to the melt down in the core
of the earth. 

Partly to blame, the idea of no "strings attached" and free
enterprise, believing the people on Wall Street, New York, were
nice honest, "do no harm" to anyone, folks, and needed no laws to
regulate themselves. Well that nice idea from naive people going
right up to the White House of the last 18 years under good guy,
wise guy, economic guy Greenspan, just fell into the depths of
the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 

And as reported on CBS news tonight (and all news shows) it's the
TAX PAYERS who have to foot this bail-out of the dug-out of the
9th innings of the world series of financial monopoly. 
So the TRILLION PLUS eventually has to be paid back either by
people getting confident once more and going out and spending
again (to get taxes coming in) or the Government raises taxes, to
get the money to put back in the bank after giving the banks and
businesses the money to get "back in the game." 

At the present, the people on the street, all the streets outside
Wall Street, are not about to do much spending. The next year
will indeed be an interesting one to say the least.

Add to all this, you religious people that voted for the
Democrats and Obama .... you have voted to not only continue
ABORTION (Obama and old Hilary C. have always been pro-abortion,
abortion on demand) but it could now go one step further and
introduce "embryonic" stem cell research abortion (which at least
Bush boy was against and prevented it).

You may have seen, SOME Roman Catholic Bishops have spoken up
about Obama's abortion views (Hilary girl has always been quite
open about her views of pro-choice, abortion on demand).
everything! They do have SOME truths! 

The slide down the hill to the vomit of sin and evil and
wickedness will continue in the USA and the rest of the Western
world. Canada for one has already LEGALIZED same sex marriages,
with all the rights of legal marriage. The various States of the
USA are pushing more and more to legalize it. Obama was AGAINST
the bill introduced in California to "un-legalize same sex
marriages" which did win by a very slight percentage, in a public
vote.  So all same sex marriages in California were annulled. But
just wait another year or two. At least you USA people get a
chance to vote on the issue, we in Canada get no chance, the
Government decides and it becomes law.

"And many FALSE PROPHETS shall abound (they can be secular or
religious prophets), and shall DECEIVE many! And because INIQUITY
shall ABOUND the LOVE of many shall wax COLD" (Jesus Christ -
Matthew 24:11,12).

True LOVE is defined for us in many passages of the New
Testament, but in straightforward up-front terms by the apostle
John in his three letters that bear his name. You may like to
read those letters if you have not done so in a while, or maybe
never at all.

Love for many things is not waxing cold, people love all kinds of
things when it comes to the physical comforts of life, but TRUE
LOVE as defined by God in His Word is waxing cold. It is sad to
see, but then our Savior told us it would in the last days before
His return.

The world is SICK, SICK, and MORE SICK, each and every day. Some
of the things that are happening on this earth are .... I do not
have the words to describe them. Do you shed tears when you see
or hear some of the news reporting from near and far. I am
reminded of Ezekiel  9:4. You may like to read it, please do read

I hope you continue to pray with me, "Thy Kingdom come Lord, Thy
will be done on earth as it is done in heaven."

Keith Hunt

To be continued from time to time

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