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Mccain's Make-Over Miracles!

To be or not to be?


     The Republican Party of the USA is the long established
"religious" party.  George Bush did not turn out to be the "man
from God" as many Republicans thought at the beginning of his now
8 year reign as President of the USA. 
     I did watch and listen to MCCAIN'S nomination speech tonight
(Sept.4 - 2008). 
     It was (as others have noted) a HUMBLE speech in many ways.
I found it down to earth and one of his finest speeches of late.
I have no doubt he is sincere, and as he noted, his time as a POW
(prisoner of war) helped to humble him and see things in a much
different perspective on a number of matters.
     He did not try and hide the fact that MANY CHANGES need to
be adopted in the work of leading the USA, IF he is elected to
the White House. Which is the way of saying the Republican Party
did not do that great of a job over the last 8 years under George
Bush. In fact if you did not know this was the same Republican Party,
all the changes and promises McCain gave, would have had you
thinking this was the Democratic Party leader speaking.
     He covered just about all major issues, from education,
schools and teachers, work for all, work training, economy, the
USA to be energy independent, better health service, standing
tall and strong against the enemies of the USA, and overhauling
the Washington elite and political junkies shall we say.

     As this was the Republican Party leader speaking there was a
number of references to "God" in McCain's speech.

     McCain is not a dynamic orator per se. But he made up for
the lack in that department, by the promises he made and indeed
a down to earth humble presentation. 
     On the human level it was moving I must say. After all just
about everyone would desire what he claims he and his political
party can bring to a nation such as the USA. He also made it
clear he would work with and give an ear to anyone, from any
political party, who had something worthwhile to contribute to
the nation.
     He also made it clear that he had been around the block, and
his age had given him teaching and lessons and experience. He
made it clear that his vice-president - the lady and mother from
Alaska - Palin - would, from her track record, help make the
changes needed in Washington.

     If McCain is elected as President this November 2008, will
he be able to deliver his promises? Maybe he can deliver many of
them. It is possible that if God in heaven, has much more time in
His plan for this earth, the USA COULD revive some, either under
McCain or Obama. In the overall DOWNWARD fall for the world,
there can be (as there has been in the last 50 years) some UPS
along the way to the DOWN.

     I do know that some of our sins like ABORTION and SAME SEX
MARRIAGE, will NOT be REVERSED, no matter who gets to the White
House in 2008. Hence, there is no one in the political scene who
can TURN us back to FULL and DEEP REPENTANCE, that would mean as
a people we would be willing to LIVE BY EVERY WORD OF GOD. There
is no person out there with enough influence and power, to turn
the mass population back to observing what most would consider
the least and the most outdated commandment of all - SABBATH

     As you read through the Word of God, as you study the
Prophets of God, you soon come to the realization that our
fundamental sins and wickedness, as expounded by the Lord, is so
DEEP and so etched in our everyday society, that the promises of
change (even if many are brought about) are so superficial, they
pale into insignificance our sins and evil, that are part and
parcel of our nation's daily living.

     Truly, there is NO JOSEPH of the book of Genesis, out there.
There is no one to lead Israel and Judah in the true WAY of the

     All that is written in the prophets must come to pass. It is
only through suffering and pain in a way never experienced before
by our peoples, that the remnant who will survive that Great
Tribulation, will fall on their knees, acknowledge their sins and
wickedness, and will, with TEARS OF REPENTANCE, be willing to
seek the Lord God in spirit and in truth.
     Jesus WILL RETURN, and the Spirit of God will be poured out
on our people; we will be given a NEW heart; we will FULLY and

Keith Hunt

September 4th 2008 

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