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The Mystery of Masonry Exposed!

Beneath the Outward appearance

                       MYSTERY OF MASONRY REVEALED!

             The Truth Behind the Outward Righteous Appearance


                            William Schnoebelen


The outward appearance of the various section of the Masonry
Lodge organizations, seems "good" and "honorable" - even
"Christian" - BUT behind the surface is a cunning falsehood of
religion that is opposite to the simplicity that is in Christ. It
is a "secret" organization in all of its "degrees" up the ladder.
True Christianity is NOT a secret. The first apostles went forth
shouting and proclaiming the good news of Christ and the Kingdom
of God, for all to hear and plainly see. There was and still is
NOTHING "secret" about the true Gospel. William Schnobelen has
first hand experience, he travelled up the secret steps of the
Masonry Lodge. He has written a book on the whole secret society
of MASONRY. I do not agree with every sentance or deduction that
Schnoebelen gives but in the majority part he gives a fine
breakdown of the deceptive Masonry organization and its outward
appearance of "Christian" overtones. It is indeed FAR from being
harmless and is in reality another tool of the great adversary
the Devil - Keith Hunt



     To some, it's a fine, Christian organization. But to higher
level Masons, who know what goes on behind the scene, it's
something MUCH different.

     While a witch, William schnoebelen studies hard to achieve
the 32 degree of Masonry. But the higher he climbed, the more
ungodliness he discovered.

     Here are the inside secrets of Masonry. If you think a
person can be a good Christian and a good Mason, you need the
facts. Did you know that:

* To be a Mason, you must first take an oath that is in reality a
denial of Jesus Christ!

* The father of modern Masonry said Lucifer is God!

     Get the hidden facts from someone who learned what lower
level Masons never hear ... the utter darkness lies behind the
light of Masonry.




The "Religion" of Masonry

Can Masonry Really Be a Religion?

Is a Mason Serving Two Masters.

Masonry "Generic" God.

The True Name of the God of Masonry.

Who is Jesus to the Lodge?

Keeping God's Commandments.

Dangerous and Forbidden Oaths?

The "Eastern Star."

Kindergartens for Satanism?

Masonic Trinkets, Token and Trouble!

Lambskin Salvation.


The History of Masonry

Can an Evil Tree bring forth good Fruit?

No help for the Widow's son?

The Children of Baphomet.

The Brethren of the Rosey Cross.

The Mother Lodge and the Illuminati.

Albert Pike and the Congress of Demons.

The Witchcraft Connection.

Masonry's Trap closes! The Curse and the Hope.

How to Protect your Family

Taking the Battle to the Enemy

Appendix 1

Appendix 2




You can obtain this book from CHICK PUBLICATIONS

Entered on this Website February 2008

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