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So you say you Love God! #2

Here's what Loving God Really means


                         Keith Hunt

     We have seen in part one of this study, that LOVING God is
MUCH more than mere emotional sentiments of the heart and mind.
People can get emotionally fired up over baseball, football,
hockey, and soccer, or any other various loves and games, be it
in sports, or theatre, or entertainment. There is nothing wrong
per se in having some "emotion" over something that is good and
proper. There is nothing wrong with having some emotion with God
and His "true religion" of His very INSPIRED WORD. But, as we
have seen, God wants MORE from us than just emotions of the
heart. Loving Him must go down deep into our very being which is
then manifested in our THOUGHTS, WORDS, and DEEDS of action and
PRACTICES of our life.


     Not only does the Eternal God tell us HOW to LOVE Him, but
He even gives us His very NATURE and POWER (2 Peter 1: 2-4) to
help us love Him in the way He wants us to love Him.
     We receive the nature and power to love God in the way of
love that He desires, from the indwelling of God's Holy Spirit
within us:

     ".....because the LOVE OF GOD is SHED ABROAD in our hearts
by the HOLY SPIRIT which is GIVEN to us" (Rom. 5:5).

     Yet, we also are told that the Holy Spirit is given ONLY to
those who OBEY God (Acts 5:32). 
     So whichever way you want to slice the cake, loving God
contains as we have seen, living by EVERY WORD of God, serving
the Lord, living His WAY (Acts 18: 9, 23), obeying His
     Part, a very IMPORTANT part, of obeying God is to REPENT
(see Acts 17: 30 and Luke 13: 1-5, with Acts 2: 38; 5:19). This
requires the basic knowledge of what to repent of, what sin is,
and the way of life the Eternal wants you to learn and to live.
All of this is covered fully on this Website in other in-depth

     Now, let's read and very importantly, let's BELIEVE, more
truth of the matter words from the inspired New Covenant document
we call by the popular name "The New Testament."


     All the following quotes are from the Amplified Bible

     "Let your love be sincere (a real thing); hate what is evil
(loathe all ungodliness, turn in horror from wickedness), but
hold fast to that which is good. Love one another with brotherly
affection (as members of one family), giving precedence and
showing honor to one another. Never lag in zeal and in earnest
endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord"
(Rom. 12: 9-11).

     "Love does no wrong to one's neighbor (it never hurts
anyone). Therefore love meets all the requirements and is the
fulfilling of the Law" (Rom. 13: 10).

     "But if one loves God truly (with affectionate reverence,
prompt obedience, and grateful recognition of His blessing), he
is known by God (recognized as worthy of His intimacy and love,
and he is owned by Him" (1 Cor. 8: 3).

     "For the love of Christ controls and urges and impels us,
because we are of the opinion and conviction that if One died for
us, then all died" (2 Cor. 5: 14).

     "For if we are in Christ Jesus, neither circumcision nor
uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith activated and
energized and expressed and working through love" (Gal. 5: 6).

     "For you, brethren, were indeed called to freedom; only do
not let your freedom be an incentive to your flesh and an
opportunity or excuse for selfishness, but through love you
should serve one another. For the WHOLE Law concerning human
relationships is complied with in the one precept, You shall love
your neighbor as you do yourself - Lev.19: 18. But if you bite
and devour one another in partisan strife, be careful that you
and your whole fellowship are not consumed by one another. But I
say, walk and live habitually in the Holy Spirit, responsible to
and controlled and guided by the Spirit; then you will certainly
not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh, of human
nature without God" (Gal. 5: 13-16).

     "Living as becomes you, with complete lowliness of mine,
humility and meekness, unselfishness, gentleness, mildness, with
patience, bearing with one another and making allowances because
you love one another" (Eph. 4: 2).

     "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church, and
gave Himself for it" (Eph. 5: 25).

     "Husbands love your wives and be affectionate and
sympathetic with them, and do not be harsh or bitter or resentful
towards them" (Col. 3: 19).

     "The coming of the lawless one, the antichrist, is through
the activity and working of Satan and will be attended by great
power and with all sorts of pretending miracles and signs and
delusive marvels, all of them lying wonders. And by unlimited
seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are
perishing, going to perdition, because they did NOT WELCOME the
TRUTH, but refused to LOVE it, that they might be saved"
(2 Thes. 2: 9-10).

     "But if anyone has this world's goods, resources for
sustaining life, and sees his brother and fellow believer in
need, yet closes his heart of compassion against him, how
can the love of God live and remain in him" (1 John 3: 17).

     "Little children let us not love merely in theory or in
speech but in deed and in truth, in practice and in sincerity" (1
John 3: 18).

     "And we know, understand, recognize, are conscious of, by
observation and by experience, and believe, adhere to and put
faith in and rely on, the love God cherishes for us. God is love,
and he who dwells and continues in love, dwells and continues in
God, and God dwells and continues in him. In this union and
communion with Him, love is brought to completion and attains
perfection with us, that we may have confidence for the day of
judgment, with assurance, and boldness to face Him, because as He
is, so are we in this world.....We love Him, because He fist
loved us. If anyone says, I love God, and hates, detests,
abominates, his brother in Christ, he is a liar; for he who does
not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he
has not seen. And this command, charge, order, injunction, we
have from Him; that he who loves God shall love his brother,
believer, also" (1 John 4: 16-21).

     "For the true love of God is this: that we do His COMMANDS,
keep His ordinances and are mindful of His precepts and teaching.
And these orders of His are NOT irksome, burdensome, oppressive,
or grievous" (1 John 5: 3).

     "And what this love consists in is this: that we LIVE and
WALK in accordance with and guided by His COMMANDMENTS, His
orders, ordinances, precepts, teachings. This is the commandment,
as you have heard from the BEGINNING, that you continue to walk
in love, guided by it and following it" (2 John 6).

     THERE IT IS FOLKS, from the NEW Covenant, in pretty plain
and clear words, which need no theological degree from some
"Theological School" of organized mankind. Why, even a CHILD can
understand them. I was sent to a "church school" (Church of
England school) by my parents from age 6 years, and for many
years after that age, I read and re-read such plain to understand
words from ALL OVER the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. I had
no trouble understanding them, and I did indeed BELIEVE them. 
     To LOVE God is to believe and obey, all those simple
passages we have read from BOTH the Old and the New Covenants. 
     All the debate, the fuss, the theological controversy,
disputes, wrangling, over the Old and New Covenants is for the
bottom line, not needed. The BOTTOM LINE, of it all, the
conclusion of the WHOLE MATTER (as Solomon said, see Ecc. 12: 13)
is not hard to figure (if your heart is humble and desires to
really see it, to really love the truth of the matter) - you LOVE
God by serving and obeying His COMMANDMENTS, His WILL, His
WAY, His PRECEPTS, STATUES, His ORDERS. The bottom line is doing
exactly as Jesus told us to do....."Man shall not live by bread
alone, but by EVERY WORD that proceeds out of the mouth of God."

     And ALL of the Eternal Father's WORD is broken down or
nut-shelled, into TWO OVERALL COMMANDMENTS.....You shall love the
Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all
your life, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

     Yes, truly on these two commandments hang ALL the law and
the prophets.

     So YOU say you LOVE God and Jesus. Well, NOW you have been
instructed from the WORD of God what LOVING God REALLY MEANS!

     Do YOU REALLY LOVE?  I hope you DO and WILL.


Written 2003

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